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2. Dr Jaramogi Oginga Odinga- Makerere trained Academician; Community Organiser (Luo Thrift Trading Company); Business Man (East African spectre); Transport Economist (Podho Bus service named in honour of an ancestor who led the exodus eastwards); Politician. First Vice president of the republic of Kenya. Respected for his foresight. Had foreseen the rise of China as an influential partner in Africa, 70 years ago.

Designed the Kenya National flag in River Nile colours or regency and Ceres; Designed the Coat of Arms of the cockerel, the axe, and the cereals

Credited with wisdom of choosing peace to avert confrontation that would lead to violence in Kenya on three separate occasions.

His greatest achievement is evading every landmine and negotiating the Kenyan Independence as a unitary state and not as jigsaw of tribes like Uganda, Congo Zimbabwe.

His community organisation work led to resettlement of Luos in the fertile Rift Valley, Eastern Europe airlift and the stable and peaceful opposition activity in Kenya unlike many countries in the world (Britain included)

3.Raila Amolo Odinga son of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga; East German educated academician, Industrialist, politician. 5-time MP for Lang’ata (Kibra)0 constituency in Nairobi, Cabinet minister, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya, Co- Partner in the presidency of the coalition government of Kenya 2008-2013.

His strategic achievement was disentangling the Not fit for purpose big government from the relics colonial government to the modern flexible federal like county government without a single bullet fired. Very much like the strategy his ancestor Matar son of Sakwa Dibo, centuries before.

4.William Odongo Omamo- Academician (Principal Egerton University), Technocrat, politician; 4-time Former MP for Bondo and Cabinet Minister.

5.Raychelle Omamo –Lawyer, Advocate of the High Court of Kenya; Chairperson Law Society of Kenya; Technocrat; Cabinet Minister / Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

6.Samuel Onyango Ayany-Technocrat (Director National Housing Corporation); Author of several books.

7.Grace Onyango –Anthropologist, Politician, Community Organiser: First Woman Mayor (Kisumu), Member of Parliament, Politician, Member of Parliament.

8. Wenwa Akinyi- Academic; First Woman PhD holder in Chemistry

9.Emelda Achieng’ Maina- Educationist, Proprietor of Junior Schools in Mbita and Kisumu.

10.Linda Ogutu- Celebrity Media Personality; Law Enforcement; Kenya Television Network TV presenter.

11. John Walter Owino Sirawa- Businessman, Politician, Current member of parliament for Awendo, Migori County

12.Dr Ochillo Mac'Ayako- politician; Senator Migori County.

13.Sammy Onyango Joggo- Football star- Gor Mahia Football club, Two-time gold medallist East and Central Africa club champion 1981 and 1985; runners up Continental cup winners cup 1979; 2-time National league winner, 1985 and 1986; National FA cup winner 1985.

14.James Goro- Football star- Luo Union FC, Gor Mahia Football club, Gold medallist East and Central Africa club champion 1985; Continental cup winners cup 1987; 2-time National league winner, 1985 and 1986; National FA cup winner 1985

15.Peter Oronge- Football star- Luo Union FC; 7-time gold medallist of Gossage Cup and Remington Cup (forerunner East and Central Africa club champion). Youngest Captain of the Kenya National Football team. First African Coach of National Football team. Founder member of Kisumu Hot stars. Pioneer Grassroots football organiser. Propagated the North American concept of student athlete leading to pioneer graduate football players etc. Chris Obure, Dennis Ollando Lolwe, Dr Olima, Owen Nandi, Job Omino, Tom Opiyo, Hamisi Shamba among others. Coaching career interrupted by the Tom Mboya/ Jaramogi politics

16. Carol Radul- Media Personality and Radio presenter, and renowned sports enthusiast who is well identified with the global sports image of English Premiership club, Arsenal Football club. Her face lines up on the stadium mural of the roll call of notable Gunners fans.

17.Mark Agola Abonyo- Businessman- Events coordinator and entertainment industry; Football Star- ReUnion FC/Luo Union).

18. Rosa Buyu- Politician; serial advocate on Women’s right; Kisumu county Women rep.

19.Ambrose Nyapanda- Football star, Luo Union, Winner of the Gossage cup

20. Festus Nyakota- Football Star, Gor Mahia winner of silver Medal-East and Central Challenge cup 1980

21. Juma Odundo- Musician; Pioneer Benga star who reigned Uganda supreme. Composer of the Uganda household song Babysuza Okyyaye ( Luganda for You have snubbed my dear Suzie). Many Uganda Bands are now covering the song as their own. Juma Odundo sang in 8 Uganda dialects seamlessly. Founder member of the great Ashantis Band in Nairobi but recorded mainly by his band, the Peoples Success (No relationship to Uganda People’s Congress of President Dr Milton Obote).

22.Professor Jalang’o Okumu- International diplomat credited with brokering the deal that patched a fast disintegrating South Africa. He brought the violently warring parties of Inkatha Freedom Party, ANC of Nelson Mandela and the minority white settlers party.

23.Andiwo Abondo-Educationist, community organiser, politician, aspiring member of parliament for Bondo.

24. Prof Roc Ajulu- Politics scholar, globally renowned. Resided in South Africa with his wife Lindiwe Sisulu, Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Foreign Relations of South Africa (fondly referred as the Luo in law by President Uhuru)

25.Timothy Apiyo- Public Services management; Supreme Head of the Civil service of the Republic of Tanzania; Ex Officio member of Tanzania Cabinet

26.David Odhiambo aka Deu- Football star; Kenya National Harambee stars player; Luo Union Reunion and Gor Mahia FC prolific goal getter. 3-time Winner Kenya National Football League; Winner of Moi Golden Cup. 2- time winner Golden Boot winner with Reunion FC.

27.Dr Patrick Anyango Rege- Technocrat, Medic and Business man; proprietor Bondo Medical Centre Hospitals.

28.Dr Isabell Anyango Rege- CEO Bondo Medical Centre Hospitals.

29. Dr James Aggrey Aremo- Agronomist and INGO technocrat; conceptualised and established Lake Victoria Siaya Irrigation Programme; Director Meals for Millions in Western Kenya and Embu; Food Security Programme in Baringo; Indigenous Food Plants Programme of East Africa; Malindi Nutrition Programme.

30. Onyango Ochang’- Businessman, Transport economist- proprietor Nyataya Bus Service.

31.William Ong’olo- Pioneer Siaya business men in Uganda who competed the Uganda Asians toe to toe. Mr Ong’olo, a BAT (Uganda) company executive who successfully went into business. Chose to relocate to Kisumu as opposed to the option of settling in the UK to successfully ethical compete the Kisumu Asian business community.

32. Dr Joshua Okumbe Abong’o-Corporate governance and scholar. A former director of Centre for Corporate Governance, Abong’o successfully transferred his skills appropriate agricultural investment at Nango beach in mixed farming of agricultural produce and poultry.

33.Reverend Loice Noo-Okello aka Rev Lo- Trained Psychologist, Social Scientist, Philanthropist, Televangelist, St Peters Embakasi, Nairobi

34. David Ong’olo- Technocrat and public and corporate governance expert; Policy and Sectoral analysis; Managing Director of Matrix Development Consultants Ltd; Former Senior Policy advisor, Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands; Chairman, Competition Authority; Director, Standard Chartered, Kenya

35.Kaligraph (Brian Ouko Robert)- Rap artist, Businessman, Events coordination, composer, entertainer, performer.

36. Dr Enos Oyaya- Public Service Management, Director of Quality Assurance and Standards (Ministry of Education).

37. Walter Orago- INGO technocrat, CEO Kenya Consumers Organisation

38.Dr James Okumbe- Public Governance; Deputy Governor Siaya County.

39.Ken Obura- politician, community organiser; member of Parliament Kisumu central constituency

40. Dola Kabary- Benga Musician; singer, composer entertainer and performer.

41.Ouma Onyango- Public Services management; politician; Former Deputy Governor Siaya.

42.Dr Ogolla Gideon Ochanda, Politician, Member of parliament, Bondo

43. Esther Akoth aka Akodhe- Singer, entertainer, performer, hotelier, philanthropist.

44.Professor Francis Ang’awa, Academia, Public services management; Vice Chancellor, Bondo University.

45. Dr Gondi- Medic, renowned Kenya gynaecologist

46.Olum Gondi- Statistician/ EconomistCorporate Manger, Banker,

47.Beryl Odinga- Her Worship, Mayor, Harare, Zimbabwe

48.Ndolo Owuor, Trade Unionist; Head of Kenya National Union of Teachers (Siaya)

49.Hon Charlton Odhiambo Andiego, Politician, MCA Bondo Central-

50.Engineer Joseph Bismarck Olango’ Otieno- politician, community organiser.

51.Dr Gilbert Deya- Businessman and renowned European and West African Televangelist based in the United Kingdom.

52. Tom Onyango Ayieko- Prelate

53.Joash Dache- Public service manager; Secretary, Constitution Implementation Commission (CIC); Secretary Law Review Commission.

54. Chiambe Otoyo- Business man, Community organiser, Kingmaker in Siaya, Political party operative

55. Barack Juma- Business man, community organiser

56. Dick Kola Amolo- Businessman, Philanthropist

57.Henry Amolo- Architect,

58. Vincent Obonyo Odera- Philanthropist, Civic manager

59. Ishmael Noo- Onyango, Philanthropist, Community Organiser

60.Maurice Odhiambo Opipi- Football star- Re Union Football club, Team manager Reunion Football club.

61.Ruth Adhiambo Odinga- Civic politician; Former Deputy Governor, Kisumu.

62. Gilbert Rabut- Businessman, hotelier; Gillys Hotel Migori.

63. Eng. Carrey Orege- Technocrat, public services manager; Civil service, Permanent Secretary in the Republic of Kenya.

64. Bernard Chunga. Law Enforcement; Police service, Former Deputy Public Prosecutor, Former Chief Justice of Kenya.

65. Catherine A. Akech- Catering, proprietor of International Cate's Kitchen

66. Kasumba Buore. Musician- Onanda star; Composer of the hit record Susilia



Sisi tuliendelea na the search for knowledge

Am Proud to be of ABALANGIRA ABABIITO of Buganda.

The Luo migration in Uganda brought about a lot of changes. In the first instance, the Luo migration marked the last major influx and settlement of Uganda. The migration led to the peopling and settlement of large parts of northern Uganda, West Nile and eastern Uganda.

It was due to the Luo migration that Uganda came to have such people as the Alur, the Acholi, the Japadhola and the Kumam. These people are said to have been the off springs of the intermarriages the local people and the Luo arrivals. During their migration in various parts of Uganda, the Luo introduced their culture, language and some animals and crops to areas where they settled. The Langi for example speak Lwo and the Kumam language has a high percentage of Luo words. Besides, Luo is an important medium of communication among the peoples of northern Uganda.

In Bunyoro, though they were assimilated, the Luo left a mark in the form of the pet names, empaako, which the Banyoro and the Batooro very much cherish. Although the Luo communities do not have the empaako, it is generally agreed that the concept of empaako is of Luo origin.

Some historians assert that the Luo introduced the idea of centralized states in Uganda. It is said that the Bito-Luo founded the Kingdom of Bunyoro Kitara and that Buganda was founded by Kato Kimera who was a twin brother of Isingoma Rukindi Mpuga, the Luo founder of the Babiito dynasty. It assertion is generally correct but it should not be carried beyond its limits to assert that the Luo introduced the idea of centralized states in Uganda. Indeed the Luo movement coincided with the period of state formation in Uganda but the actual idea may not necessarily have come with the Luo. After all the Batembuzi and the Bachwezi dynasty had existed long before the Luo.

What is clear is that the Luo founded the Babiito dynasty in Bunyoro-Kitara to replace the collapsing Bachwezi dynasty. One could say with ease, that the Luo has the effect of speeding up the collapse of the Bachwezi. But to assert that they came with the idea of state formation is grossly exaggerated because such an idea was not introduced in those areas where they settled predominantly such as Acholi apart from chiefdoms.

The Luo are also said to have founded the Baisengobi principalities in Busoga such as Bugabula, Buswikira, Bukasanga and Bukoli. Indeed the connection of these principalities with the Kingdom of Bunyoro- Kitara lends emphasis to the assertion. The Luo are also credited for having founded the Rwotodoms (chiefdoms) in Acholi, Langi and west Nile. These seem remarkable achievements but the Luo could have borrowed the idea of state formation from the Bantu of the interlacustrine region. In Bunyoro, they were bantuised, while in Acholi, Alur and Japadhola; they retained their Luo culture and customs.

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