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Stephen Ombanyo Osieyo is a 1958 born Kenyan of the Luo Community of Eastern Africa, born in a typical communal Luo family of Kinship in the cultural melting pot of the Rift Valley but relocated to Nyanza, his cultural place of birth. In formative years Stephen significantly lived on both sides of the Lake Victoria in Kenya and in the fast-changing suburban on the east of Los Angeles, California, USA when it was just coming to terms with cultural adjustments of the 1960s.    


In his working life, Stephen spent the first 14 years working in the Third sector before relocating to the UK to continue working as a Charity Finance Administrator expert in London.    


Stephen's working life and upbringing, therefore, dovetails nicely from a life primarily raised in a diet of oral literature in childhood. While storytelling was a skill, Stephen has used this not as a skill but some sort of recorded literature to pass on unwritten folklore, tales of mysteries and imaginations and store daily gaga for future generations in some random and orderly fashion.  


Nam Lolwe is lake Victoria in Dholuo. Dholuo is the single dialect of one block of community that has inhabited the North-Eastern side of Lake Victoria from 500 AD to date and geographically covers the area from Sudan to North West Tanzania or from Mountains of the moon ranges Congo to the Eastern arm of the Rift Valley fault in the earth.    


So what should one expect to find on this blog? Rule out politics and hard sciences. Rule out technical subjects. You will not find that here even if Stephen is a trained Accountant with a Masters in Public services from the London South Bank University.  


However, here you will find lakeside fireplace mysteries, coincidences.  Here you will bump into a Romeo and Juliet story first taking place in 1500 when the two clans were just in embryo as if the Spirit of Romeo and Juliet escaped along the Nile and nestled around Lake Victoria. Here you will find a review of recorded literature that is happenstance and happenchance to Lakeside life.   


Here you may even question if Shakespeare was not a Lakeside person or even the roots of Hebrew words.

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