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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

The genealogy of the LUO people from 1200 AD and how they relate to other Luo clans in East and Central Africa


Verse 1: And so it came to pass that in about 62 scores and 10 years ago, Sin Kuru also known as Kuku Lubanga and his 12 wives begot some three sons, Lioleituk Dyang’, Odongo Pok Boni and Opiyo Podho Koma.

Verse 2: From the house of Opiyo Podho Koma, Ringruok begot Owat.

Verse 3: And Owat begot Twaifo.

Verse 4: Twaifo begot Jok I.

Verse 5: And then it came to pass that Jok I begot 3 sons Nayo, Omolo and Owiny.

Verse 6: And Nayo begot Jok II.

Verse 7: Jok II begot Ramogi I.

Verse 8: And Ramogi I begot Aruwa and another son Podho II that he named after his ancestor Podho.

Verse 9: And from the house of Podho II came Ramogi II, Lang’ni, Okombo, Omia, Didang’, Miwiru and Olak.

Verse 10: And so it came to pass that Ramogi II begot, Adhola, Nyaluo, Ramogi Ajwang’ and Mongra.

Verse 11: And Ramogi Ajwang’ begot Omolo and Ochielo.

Verse 12: And Ochielo begot Ragam exactly 22 scores years ago and step brothers Gem two planting seasons later.

Ugenya Verse 13: and Ugenya was born two long rain seasons after Gem Verse 14: Ugenya fondly known as Ja Ragenya begot Boro the eldest son.

Verse 15: And it came to pass that Ragenya also begot Puny, Ger, Muot, Nyada, and Deje

Verse 16: Jo Ugenya are of Omolo seeds.


Verse17: And from the house of Podho brother of Owiny, Gem was born Verse 18: Gem had a son Kuenda Ramiero and a foster son Ojuodhi Tippo Verse 19: Ojuodhi begot Lanyo, Opiyo, Ginga, Nyambok, Ogwang’, and Oyoo Verse 20: Kuenda begot Olwa Nyikwaya, Onyango Rariu, Nyiwuor, Wiri, Nyidet and Thomo.

Verse 21: And Miwiru begot Nyandguogi

Verse 22: And Nyandguogi begot Oriambwa

Verse 23: Oriambwa begot Owiny I, Goma, Wiri and Adhola II

Verse 24: And Owiny I begot Kisodhi, Nyala and Adhola III

Verse 25: And it came to pass that Kisodhi begot Abura, Ager, Nyabong'o, Ogelo, Omenya, Oyoo, Wameraa.

Verse 26: And that Owiny Sigoma was also fostered in the house of Kisodhi


Verse 27: And Miwiru begot Nyandguogi (1508). And Nyandguogi begot Oriambwa.

Verse 28: And Oriambwa begot Ujal.

Verse 29: And Ujal begot Kini.

Verse 30: And from the house of Kini came three sons, Silwal, Sabong’, Okidi.

Verse 31: And Silwal begot Le and Amolo

Verse 32: And Le married a headstrong woman and begot sons Nyakala and Abondo and a girl Kia. And from the other wife Le begot a son Oduong’.

Verse 33: And from the house of Nyakala came Rombo, Ochieng’-Ambu, Alwar, Obiero Agak and Nyaliang’a.


Verse 34: And Omia begot Oywa

Verse 35: And Oywa begot two sons, a latter Ramogi and Nyakach

Verse 36: And from the house of Ramogi came Dimo from one wife; Nyikal and Rado from another wife; Chwanya from another wife, and from the last wife he begot Wango and Omia Ramul later to be nicknamed Uyoma.

Verse 37: And Omia Ramul begot Odhiariany.

Verse 38: And Odhiariany begot two sons Dilang’ and Owila

Verse 39: And Dilang’ begot Okise, Owuor and Ajore. And Ajore’s mother took self-pity to be lur because she could not have another child like her co-wife. And Ajore’s descendants to this date are referred as Ajore Kadilur.

Verse 40: And from the first house of Owila, came Okelo and Omolo Ong’ong’o from Nyalego.

Verse 41: And it came to pass that Owila married the daughter of Le (Asembo) as a second wife and begot Ojal and Onege later to be known as ancestors of Kabudha and Katweng’a respectively.

Verse 42: And it also came to pass that Owila’s wife, Amolo who was the daughter of Le (Asembo) conspired to seduce her niece Adeka to also marry Owila as a suweho. And from this suweho union came Ochieng’ Ong’iro.

Verse 43: And Ochieng’ Ong’iro begot Liech to give rise to descendants of Joka’Liech of ko'Kwiri cluster.


Verse 34: And Omia begot Oywa

Verse 35: And Oywa begot two sons, a latter Ramogi and Nyakach

Verse 44: And Nyakach begot Jimbo and Ndaria from the first wife. And from the other wife Nyakach begot Bodho, Diang’a, Obwon (aka ra-Jimo), Sare, Oguta and Sae.

Verse 45: And Jimbo begot Oywa and Okal. And Oywa begot Hema, Aduong’, Mwala, Gak, Guria and Gongo. And Okal begot Were, Lwanda and Nyapong’

Verse 46: And Ndaria son of Nyakach begot Anyango and Ojwando. And Anyango begot Ochimbo and Miera. And Ojwando begot Akech and Abayo.

Verse 47. And it came to pass that Bodho son of Nyakach begot Agwel and Rabok. And Agwel begot Nyateng’, Okumu and Mbudi. And Rabok also begot Achianja and Abuya.

Verse 48: And Diang’a son of Nyakach begot one son Omolo. And Omolo begot Oguta. And Oguta son of Omolo son of Diang’a begot Tombo, Kur, Nyimedha, Owuor, Okudho, Aonye, Mwana, Nyichudo and Ramogi Mari.

Verse 49: And Obwon Jimo begot Owala, Nyiguta, Nyiduol, Ojung’a, Oyo, Ogwang’ and Obola.

Verse 50: And Sare son of Nyakach begot Omen, and Ogondi and Obong’o and Ng’ombe.

Verse 51: And it came to pass that Sae also Riany (Riang’), Awuor, Oro and Damba.

Verse 52: And Chwanya son of Ramogi 2 Ajwang' begot sons, Nyasgenga, Rachuonyo, Onyango Rabala and Njare.


Verse 53: And Rachuonyo married 6 wives and begot sons Sipul, Opul, Obola, Omuoyo, Odero Anam, Okal, Okelo Docho, Ogol, Nuer, Malingi Abudi, Akeno and Dada.

Kabuoch, Kadem, Karungu, Kanyamwa

Verse 54: And Onyango Rabala begot Owiti Kabuoch, Beu, Odongo Adem and Onyango Rabal 2 (Ajwang').


Verse 55: And it came to pass that Omwa begot No. And No begot 3 sons Songa, Kimira and Dibo.





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