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Verse 1: And so it came to pass that from the house of Podho II, No son of Omwa son of Jok was born.

Verse 2: And No begot Songa, Kimira and Dibo. And Songa migrated near the lakeshore and is today only referred to as ‘orthodox’ jo Kano or Upper jo ka’No by DhoLuo purists.

Verse 3: And Kimira and Dibo, now referred to as contemporary Ka’No lived with some members of their father’s siblings, jo KaChwanya.

Verse 4: And it came to pass that living with descendants of Rachuonyo son of Chwanya turned to a relationship of servitude. And Rachuonyo people even extended this servitude by forcing Rachuonyo girls on to Kano boys and then extorting bride price (because the whole populous Chwanya clans are not allowed to intermarry).

Verse 5: And it came to pass that Kano men while on hunting expeditions held secret meetings to plan their getaway as they now became easy picking for bullying other clans as well since they were not as populous.

Verse 6: And Kano exodus picked on a long route round the lake to the present Nyando Hills pausing by Kit Mikaye rock site where Mzee No spent most of his time while on look out at the raised and secure vantage point. And in typical Luo wives’ jealousy, the wives of Mzee No nick-named the stones as Kit- Mikaye (the house of the new first wife).

Verse 7: And at Nyando Hills Kano encountered other non-Luo groups who scorned them as joka oyiwe (tailed aliens) because Luos wore kilts to cover their genitals. And the first groups Kano encountered were Miaro, Kimienya and Wang’aya who were more vicious and also forced their girls onto Kano boys. And Kano suffering seemed to increase tenfold from what was experienced with jo Karachuonyo.

Verse 8: And in the beginning Kano took matters into their own hands and first encroached into the lush green areas then resorted to full combat using superior iron arsenal to roll back their frontiers.

Verse 9: And there was one cruel Onyango Rende who was a hard task master and was feared by all his neighbours. And it came to pass that Kano boys hired a high profile musician to go and entertain Onyango Rende and direct praise songs at Onyango Rende with flamboyant and bloated praises. And in drips and drabs Kano people filtered and penetrated into Onyango Rende precinct.

Verse 10: And a son of Onyango Rende known as Ogada Kital (Ogada whose name shall not be mentioned) became belligerent and hard man. And he even lifted off roofs over people’s houses if the roof was laid better than his. And Onyango Rende was greatly saddened at this acts on Kano people by his own son. And Dibo sons procured the services of Sidho men to hypnotise Mrs Ogada Kital who then in a trance murdered Mr Ogada Kital in a petty innocuous domestic strife.


Verse 11: And all seemed to work fairly well but not with the dreaded SIDHO people who had a fortified son of theirs called Luanda Magere.

Verse 12: And Sidho also had a magic spell that would cause constipation from being bloated or bowel obstruction. And Kano and all Luos were terrified of this non-physical powers of Sidho people.

Verse 13: And Kano concocted women power over Sidho by enticing them to marry Luo girls.

Verse 14: And then Kano sold the Sidho elder the secret longevity benefits of not going through male genital circumcision. And Sidho men wanting to avoid early male impotency stopped circumcision so that they can marry and procreate into their 80s in order to build their fledgling numbers.

Verse 15: And Sidho elder decreed that all men must marry the proud Luo girls. And correspondingly Kano elders made Luo girls insist that they can only marry uncircumcised men.

Verse 16: And Sidho people in false awe disguised themselves as Kano people and loathed being referred as Sidho. And there was peaceful coexistence that watered down their mythical prowess of Sidho people as Kano had infiltrated them.

Verse 17: And Sidho now turned Luanda Magere and their stomach bloating powers on the groups around the swampy areas but not Kano people. And all scampered away to as far as Gusii Hills en-route to Nyasaland now Malawi and eventually Botswana. And some groups trekked back to their original lands through the lake using abuoro (suds/lake hyacinth).

Verse 18: And to those who tried to reach the higher grounds, Sidho people unleashed the perennial Nyando floods to smoke them out and disturb their counter insurgency plans. And Sidho people also unleashed great harvest of fish to entice wives from nearby groups to convince the husbands not to migrate away.

Verse19: And the people of Kano welcomed and lived peacefully with all the subdued groups. And the intermarriage with these groups increased.

Verse 20: And some groups in fear of Sidho geographical prowess did not run away but stayed back as miderma (foster children) of Kano.

Verse 21: and in admiration of this new Kano prowess came the Luo saying of ochodo wuon-kong’o (the benefits of owning the brewer of liquor).

Verse 22: And from their suffering in the highland cold climate, Kano descendant’s development a hardiness to survive in exile or rejection no matter how harsh or hostile the adversity.


1.Luanda Magere (sidho)-Legendry Luo folklore warrior, military strategist, elite commando, Field Marshall, suicide and dare devil operative. A rival clan tricked him into reconciliatory marriage with the rival clan girl. The rival clan wife then drugged Luanda Magere into deep sleep, where he was assassinated (children's folklore version).

2.Gladys Wanga- Politician, Community Organiser, Women Rep Homa Bay County.

3.Miguna Miguna- Canadian based indefatigable firebrand constitutional and human rights lawyer, politician, seasoned campaigner; (credited with riding into the eye of the storm to act as a lightning rod for opponents that led to calming the waters after hiatus of both 2007/8 elections and 2017 elections). Like in the parable by Jesus Christ(Matthew 25:22-30), Miguna Miguna is not very fond of three things, namely:-

1)the hard task master,

2)those who reap where they do not sow and

3)those who do not speak for the persecuted who cannot speak for themselves .

His story is a bit of like modern day Luanda Magere story (can only be put down when in deep sleep). And he loves the field combat just like his legendary ancestor.

4.Abenny Jachiga- Ohangla artist, musician, singer, composer entertainer. (Incomparable hit record Mano Kasinde)

5.Jared Okello, Politician, Member of parliament, Nyando (2013-).

6.Peter Anyumba-Public Services Manager, CEO Survey of Kenya, Philanthropist, Chairman, Gor Mahia Football Club

7.Mathew C. Onyango Midika, Trade Unionist, politician, member of Parliament (1974-1983).

8.Prof Simon Mitema-Academia-Professor of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology and Director of International Programmes, UoN.

9.Hon Oselu Nyalik-Politician, Public Services Manager. Assistant Minister, Member of Parliament (Winam Constituency).

10. Nana Wanjau- INGO technocrat, Founder Power Woman International, CEO Branding Beyond Borders; Chairperson Rotary Club; Commonwealth Business Women Network

11.Engineer (Professor) Oyuko Mbeche- academia, Transportation and Planning, University of Nairobi.

12.Professor Ogada Otieno- academia, South Africa.

13.Jackson Aluko- Football star- Gor Mahia Football club, 2-time National league winner, 1976 and 1979; runners up Continental cup winners cup 1979; National FA cup winner 1978.

14.George Yoga- Football star- Gor Mahia Football club, Two-time gold medallist East and Central Africa club champion 1980 and 1981; runners up Continental cup winners cup 1979; 2-time National league winner, 1976 and 1979; National FA cup winner 1978.

15.George Ayuka- Football star- Gor Mahia Football club, Two-time gold medallist East and Central Africa club champion 1980 and 1981; runners up Continental cup winners cup 1979; 2-time National league winner, 1976 and 1979; National FA cup winner 1978

16.Duncan Migan- Football star- Gor Mahia Football club, Two-time gold medallist East and Central Africa club champion 1980 and 1981; runners up Continental cup winners cup 1979; 2-time National league winner, 1976 and 1979; National FA cup winner 1978

17.Laban Otieno- Football star- Gor Mahia Football club, Two-time gold medallist East and Central Africa club champion 1980 and 1981; runners up Continental cup winners cup 1979; 2-time National league winner, 1976 and 1979; National FA cup winner 1978

18.John Chore- Football star- Gor Mahia Football club, Two-time gold medallist East and Central Africa club champion 1980 and 1981; runners up Continental cup winners cup 1979; 2-time National league winner, 1976 and 1979; National FA cup winner 1978, 1984.

19. Charles Ondiek- Football star- Gor Mahia Football club, Two-time gold medallist East and Central Africa club champion 1980 and 1981; runners up Continental cup winners cup 1979; 2-time National league winner, 1976 and 1979; National FA cup winner 1978

20.Gilchrist Okuom- Technocrat, INGO CEC, Agriculture and Livestock.

21. Onyango Jamasai- Corporate Banker, Banker at Central Bank of Kenya, Philanthropist, Board of Trustees Luo Union FC.

22. Okuto Bala- politician, member of parliament Nyando (1963-1966), (1966-1969).

23.Dr Odotte- Medic, Businessman, Dental surgeon.

24.Dr Loice Omoro- Technocrat, Environmentalist, Consultant Forestry and Environmental Sciences.

25. Patrick Ayiecho Olweny- Politician, Community worker, member of Parliament Muhoroni (2007-2013)

26.Dr Joshua Odongo Oron- Politician, community worker, Aspirant for MP Kisumu central constituency in 2022.

27.Jerry Imbo- Football star- Gor Mahia Football club, Two-time gold medallist East and Central Africa club champion 1980 and 1981; runners up Continental cup winners cup 1979; 2-time National league winner, 1976 and 1979; National FA cup winner 1978.

28.Prof Oyuko Mbeche- Technocrat, Civil Engineer, Board member National academy of Sciences, Nobel peace prize recipient (IPCC).

29.Oscar Mbeche- Corporate Executive, Group Chief Finance Officer, Oil and Gas Downstream and Upstream.

30.Walter Adel Kitoto- Philanthropist; Luo Elder

31. Ambassador Thomas B Amolo Gogo- career envoy.

32.Cannon Jacob Ishmael Ombara- Prelate of Anglican Church.

33. George Onyango Aguko-Academia, Arusha.

34.Peter Raburu- Public Administrator; District Commissioner, Provincial Commissioner.

35. Willis Raburu- Media personality.

36.Willis Ogallo- National Sales Director, Multi-choice.

37. George Ogallo (Geologist)- National Director of FOCUS (NACADA).

38. Mike Ngwala- Career journalist.

39.Captain Apudo- Aviation, Career pilot.

40.Captain Steve Rapuoda- Aviation, Career pilot.

41.Dorcas Agik Oduor-Deputy Director Office of the Deputy Public Prosecutor (ODPP)-

42.Archbishop Isaac Ogayi- Prelate.

43. Clarkson Otieno Karan (Kobura), politician, member of East African Legislative Council; MP Nyando (1992-1997).

44.Paul Orwa Otita, Politician, member of Parliament Nyando (1997-2002).

45.Patrick Lumumba Ouya (Kabonyo)- politician, public services manager, Civic Manager, Lamu Town Clerk.

46.Eric Opon Nyamunga (Wawidhi), politician, philanthropist, community organiser, party activist, public advocacy; Nyando MP (2002-2007).

47.Steve Misiga- Technocrat, Corporate Banker, Kenya Commercial Bank; Philanthropist, Chairman Gor Mahia Football Club.

48.Ogendo Owino (Wawidhi), Technocrat, Tax expert, Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner.

49.Shadrack Malo- Author and authority on Luo folklore, Anthropologist, Historian.

50.Okumu Ndede- Philanthropist, Public Services manager.

51.June Ombara- Academia, Researcher- Research Fellow- Women Economic Empowerment Hub, African Women Studies Centre (AWSC),University of Nairobi

52.Philomon Arodi Abong’o (Kochogo)- Law enforcement, Commissioner of Police

53. Tom Ogallo Ogada- Politician, Member of parliament Nyando (1969-1974) & (1983-1988).

54.Dr. Pam Oloo- Educationist, Academia; Maseno University, Chair Department of Linguists and Liberal studies; Philanthropists- Mentoring Girl Child and community service.

55.Mrs Sylvia Omino- Pioneer Motor Rally driver, East African Safari Rally 1974, co-driver supermodel Orie Rogo Manduli.

56.Omumbo Achola- Businessman.

57.Elizabeth Omolo- Broadcaster; Vok, KBC.

58.John Auma (EU-Addis).

59.Rita Okuthe- Corporate Executive, Safaricom Ltd.

60.Justice Hellen Omondi- Judge of the High Court of Kenya.

61.Arch Bishop Obinju- Prelate

62. James Miruka Owuor – Politician, member of parliament Nyando (1988-1992).

63. George Ogallo (Geologist)

64.Oyoo Mk’Osambo- Philanthropist-

65. Otuge Mwoso- Politician, community worker, former councillor

66. Dr. Hezron Mc’Obewa- medic, INGO

67. Ogendo Ponge- Public Services Manager; Former mayor

68.Sarah Okello- Diaspora Entrepreneur; CEO of a trending United Kingdom eatery for African Diaspora on South and West London. This is the place to be for African Diaspora south of the River Thames.

69. Robert Alai- Cyber Security expert; Fashionable East and Central African blogger

70. Okoth Korombo- Corporate Executive, Public Services Manager; Philanthropist, Chairman general Luo Union Football club

71.. Dr. Samwel Omondi Ogada (Kobong’o)- Senior Cardiologist and owner of Nakuru Hearts Hospital. Vied for Nakuru Senatorial seat.

72.Engineer Opon Nyamunga (Kakmie)- Former Nyando Mp, Electrical Engineer.

73.Engineer Justus Nyamolo, - Electrical Engineer, Kenya Highways.

74.Engineer Isaac Miyawa, -Building and Civil Engineering, Nairobi based Architect and

business man.

75.Prof Joaness Ofwa, -Academia, Lecturer Bondo University.

76.Michael Aomo, -Aviation, Airport Comptroller, Kenya Airways.

77.George Ogada- Technocrat, Information Technologist and Scientist based in India and business man

78.Prof Ogonda Nyapuoch- Academia, former Dean at Maseno University.

79.George Ondeng'e- Technocrat, Economist and CEO East Africa Industries.

80.Beth Omondi- Educationist Teacher and former Principal Pumwani Girls, Nairobi

81.Engineer Daniel Ochieng' Ogada, Educationist Former Principal NYS Craft School, and lecturer KBHT.

82.Festus Amimo aka Wuod Awasi- Broadcaster, KBC

83.Hezron Ochieng' Ragen aka ‘Proffesa’ - Broadcaster and comedian Radio Lake Victoria and Lagnet

84.Engineer Victor Kungu, -Academia

85.Margret Aloo, - Educationist and Principal Bunde Mixed Secondary

86.Engineer Zackayo Okoth – Academia

87.Professor Okeyo Owuor – Academia; Environment Biology, Rongo University

88.Engineer Paul Jo Obura, - INGO Technocrat Regional Director Water Aid UK

89.Odhiambo Kauma (Kadibo)-Educationist, Philanthropist, creative writer, story teller, blogger

90.Olima Anditi- Luo traditional musician, artist, composer, entertainer, performer

91.Ati Sanna- Yorkshire England based, Dholuo nyatiti traditional musician, artist, composer, entertainer, performer -

92.Ken Wuod Awasi- Ohangla Luo traditional musician, artist, composer, entertainer, performer

93.Oginga wuod Awasi- Ohangla Luo traditional musician, artist, composer, entertainer, performer

94.Oudu Tela- Ohangla Luo traditional musician, artist, composer, entertainer, performer

95.Michael Ongere wuod Ahero - Luo Benga musician, artist, composer, entertainer, performer (with star man, Dollar Kabari)

96.Talia Oyando, Ohangla Luo traditional musician, artist, composer, entertainer, performer

97.Owiti Mazembe Ohangla Luo traditional musician, artist, composer, entertainer, performer (tutored Mika Wuod Ahero how to play guitar).

98.Reverend Ogonyo Ngede- Prelate, Anthropologist

99.Reverend Silas Owiti-Prelate, Anthropologist

100.Rev George Otieno Gachee-Prelate, Anthropologist, community organiser

101. Fred Kotiende- Businessman, Hotelier (Jesmic Hotel, Ahero)

102. Hezborn Otieno Oyoo- politician, Legico

103. Priestess Aoko of Legio Maria- Influential, popular spiritual lady of the Catholic breakaway sect.

104.Samwel Acholla Ndong'a - Football star, Kenya Secondary School select team to Malawi 1975; Gor Mahia Football Club 1980-1985; Gold medal winner East and Central Africa 1985; Kenya National Football League winner, 1984-1985.

105.Luke Ombara- INGO, Advocacy; Director, Regulatory Policy and Strategy, Capital Markets Authority.

106.Lillian Atieno Okoth - Educationist

107. Naomi Mariwa- Public Administrator.

108. Christine Oraro- Lawyer, Christine Oraro & Advocates

109.Doris Ombara- INGO Technocrat Agricultural Engineer, conservationist (WWF and former Kisumu City Manager).

110.Jerry Jalamo- Benga Artist; Musician, artist, composer, performer

111. Omwa Ombara - Journalist & Author.

112. Engineer Maxwell Otieno Odongo (Kochogo)- Consulting Enginner, Businessman

113. Dr John Obala Owaa- Catholic Bishop Diocese of Ngong'

114.Elly Adero-Football Star- National Team Harambee stars (3 time winner of East and Central senior Challenge cup-1981,1982,1983); Kenya Breweries Football Club (2time winner of National League-1977 and 1978); Coaching- 2 time winner of Kenya Premier League; Coaching- Silver medallist African Cup winners Cup 1995.

115.Dr Hannington Juma McRota-Academia, Agricultural Engineering, Egerton University.

116.Wycliffe Ogallo-Law enforcement, Rehabilitations of offenders; Commissioner of Prisons.

117.Geodfrey Okumu-IGO Specialist based in Senegal

118.Dr Leonard Kwama-IT specialist, academia; Lecturer Maseno and KCA University; CS, Kisumu County

119.Bovince Ochieng- Electrical Engineer; CS Kisumu County

120.Engineer Isaac Miyawa- Businessman, Architect.

121.Engineer Victor Ochieng Kungu- Consultant, Businessman

122.Ben Odhiambo- academia, IT Consultant KMET

123.Senior Chief James Onunga Ogendo (Kolua)- Public Adminstrator, Philanthropist; public administrator

124. Dr Omondi Ogada-Physician, Businessman based in Nakuru.

125.Paul Isaac Odero- Philanthropist, Community Organiser; perennial patron and sponsor of Kisumu Hotstars.

126.Engineer Owen Omondi-Businessman, Nakuru based.

127.Dr Tom Konyimbi- Businessman

128. Oguma Omoro aka Oguma Pharaoh owad gi Goga Bnde wuon Ochome. Legendary Indomitable Luo wrestler who reigned supreme in the now Kisumu district.

129.James Otieno Jowi: Public Services Manager, Educationist; Principal Education Officer, East African Community.

130. Nelson Onyango Audo; Philanthropist, Elder, Community Organiser

131. Ageng'o Mise Mise: Public servant, Businessman; Automobile mechanic and assessor, Cattle trader and rancher

132.Ayub Migwalla (Wang'aya): Philanthropist

133. Professor Thomas Ariba Ogada (Wang'aya): Medic professor of medicine at the University of Nairobi and a former Kenyan ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, was the first black Kenyan elected as a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. Over a distinguished career, he had a major influence on the development of medical education and medical services in Kenya.

134.Onyango McOyoo (Wang'aya): Politician ; Member of Parliament (Muhoroni).

135.Ceda Ogada (Wang'aya): INGO Technocrat; IMF Secretary

136.Professor Odhiambo Oleche (Wang'aya): Academia, Economist; University of Nairobi

137.Okuta Osiany: Educationist, Trade Unionist; Teacher, National Secretary of Kenya National Union of Teachers.

138.Accordionist Owira: Musician; Traditional accordionist and griot





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