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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

In Anglo Saxon context Ugenya (Jaragenya) was survived by seven sons, who make up the seven clans but in African terms and more in Luo terms such segregation and discrimination are more than frowned upon (Chuor meru ye wuon u).

For the purposes of communication with younger generation we will segregate and discriminate clans in this way.

1. Jo Ka Puny Sub clan

Fond name: Opunyo nya bando


Jokapuny are the most populous of the Ugenya Clans. The clan is so large population wise that as far back as the 1970s elders started turning a blind eye to intermarriage within the sub- clans. It can be safely assumed that sub clan interbreeding must have been peeking a while back. The kapuny sub clan especially Malaha are passionate in whatever they put their heart to do. This reputation is well captured in their fond name: ‘Opunyo nya bando ma-koneno-gir-kado-to-bet-achach-nono-makata-gweno some’. In other words, they pursue the here and now with complete abandon.

Sub clans

The Kapuny sub-sub clans are:

· Jo Malaha aka jo Doho;

· jo Masiro,

· jo Masat aka Jo Yenga,

· Jo Kondiek,


The Kapuny are densely settled in Masiro Kathieno, Anyiko, Nyawara, Bar Ober, Ligega, Mbosie, Got Nanga and North Ugenya.

Political Influence:

Jo Kapuny have always influenced the political representation in Ugenya. They are the Kikuyus of Ugenya land in that they will never vote for a direct rival like joKager or joBoro but will happily intermarry with them.

However, their only political son is not only a former member of parliament. James Aggrey Boro Orengo is a prominent constitutional lawyer and a perennial thorn in the flesh for any sitting government. These traits are rare of Kapuny people and can easily be yoked with his child hood upbringing in the breeding ground of government resistance of Nyakach. The home of Omondi the coup plotter and Hezekiah Ochuka (the former president of Kenya as per Tanzania High Court). He only relocated to his father’s birthplace in Ugenya to unseat Mathews Ogutu at the behest of his brother in law Archbishop Stephen Ondiek who was barred from by election due to electoral offenses. But then Mathews Ogutu is also from kaPuny clan until they sensed an act of treachery.

Who is Who?

Ex Chief Muganda Okwako; Ex Chief John Radido; Former Nairobi Chief Owino Rakula, Former Cabinet Minister and 3-time MP Joseph Mathews Ogutu; Sylvester H Omondi Rang'inya, Veteran Vetrinerian; Habil Owisso, researcher, Chemist; Professor Odera Oruka- Anthropology; Envoy Amos Owuor-Tago; Envoy Adala; Dentist Dr George Owino Rakula; Halwenge Brothers; Justice Radido; Justice Odunga; Musician Peter Owino Rachar; Boxer Stephen Moi K’Opondo; Justice Aluoch; Dr Angela Adhiambo Omondi- Rang'inya resercher and academia; Registrar Omondi Mbago; Major Ohonde; Celebrity Singer Composer entertainer, John Junior.

2. Jo Boro Clan (The First Born Ugenya)

Fond name: Anam Marach or nyaBoro bade dongo


Boro is the eldest son of Ugenya and like all eldest sons of a Luo homestead sometimes they can be like the biblical Cain the first son of Abraham in the bible stories of genesis- Boro Anam-marach, the black sheep.

Sub Clans

· Bura

· Mdar/Kamdar (Okwiri)

· Ochola

· Maana (Awili).

Areas of settlement:

Jo Boro originally inhabited the central Alego area around Ndere, Segere, and Liganua. So if someone from Alego says ‘an nyar Alego-Boro’ it is not necessary that they are of the Ugenya Boro clan. The meaning usually is that they are from Alego but at a place geographically called Boro division. In other words, Boro division in Kenya is in Alego inhabited by Alego clans. I have insisted in specifying Kenya because there is another Luo Boro in Zanzibar and also another Luo Boro in Sudan/Uganda.

Jo Boro clan mainly occupy central Ugenya around Ambira spilling over past Sega westwards to Bumala and Boro Kisumo (note the spelling) near Jerra Centre. They are also found in Umala Sub location, Nango, Simmer, Uria, and Aboke in North Ugenya.

They are also found in clusters in the greater Milambo Nyanza.

Political Influence.

Jo Boro have never provided a legislator for Ugenya or even a serious contender for representation. Politically Jo Boro have never voted as a political block.

Who is Who?

Ex police Commissioner Albert Arrum, Politician Albert Muchura, Ex Permanent Secretary Mutula, Olute ka Mgoye, Okwiri Anungo of Aboke, Head of Accounting Services and Deputy Auditor General Okoth Otiende, Ex Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labour I Othieno Olute, Deputy Governor of Central Bank Ochieng’ Gowa; Harambee Stars keeper Mathews Ottamax; Zimbabwe International Cricket stars Holman Olonga and his brother



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