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UGENYA IV: COMPENDIUM OF Jo'Kager, Jo'Deje and Jo' Kanyamuot

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

3. Jo kaGer Clan (Cantankerous Ugenya)

Real names: Ochieng’ Waldhach

Fond name: Oloro tweyo ga otamba maber.


KaGer are the most martial of the Ugenya clans. In numbers they probably rank higher in number compared to the densely populous Kapuny but because of their warlike nature they have a knack for moving into new territory and asserting themselves. The greatest palace coup in Alego royalty was instigated and propped by Jokager after they infiltrated the rulership. The various wars against the slave traders were led by jokager. Despite their war like nature and casualties suffered in these wars they are quite a handful in numbers within Ugenya. They are very cantankerous. This is a reputation which has preceded them and attracted unnecessary opposition in their legislative quest. Their fond name encapsulate who they really are and hence the flattering reputation of nyager nyuolo ga mana ruoth (they are home makers - wife material).

Sub Clans:

· Umira

· Aor*

· Anyango*

· Uhore*

As expected the chicken have come home to roost in the kaGer clan. The dispute waged to outsiders is always gently bubbling below the surface among the Kager clan. All the other clans are named after wives of Ger except Umira. Why Ger allowed this to fester into jealousy is your guess. My conjecture is that as in Team of rivals by Abraham Lincoln, this rivalry is deliberate. This team selection /arrangement /formation is often mistaken for a weakness in character by Ger men. Kager people generally believe that the only way to stop endless home front issues is to introduce a willing rival (Ka itamri kelo ne nyieke to idwa ni odhaw gi ng’a? Nyaka odhaw mana kodi- Phillip Rang’enga Ombanyo).


The word diaspora was concocted for the Ugenya kaGer clan. Jokager are the most dispersed clan in Luo land. They are found in literally all parts of Ugenya constituencies. They are also found in Mumias /Butere, Gem, Busia, Alego, and Kano (kochieng’, walgenya), among other places. The challenges of this dispersion was illustrated at the funeral of the renowned son of Kager doctor in 1980s. At the funeral of the late Dr John Robert Ouko-Njega, two mourners with the strangest tattoos appeared. They wore very un-Luo elaborate earlobe calcification, tattoos and scarification. It is only after reciting their lineage from 1200AD that they convinced the elders that indeed they were true Umira Kager clan. They were then honored in attendance of the funeral at the Njega burial home at Ambira.

The other very unLuo characteristic of the Jo kaGer is that their daughters have certain Jewish matrilineal traits. Even though they profess and exhibit extreme wifely loyalty the soul and spiritual naming allegiance is to the kaGer clan. This was very helpful in the war against the notorious slave traders Mumia of Wanga as all the joKager girls turned to espionage and treachery for their maiden homes. All the neighboring Bantu tribes of Mumias, Bunyala and Samia have been infiltrated with such double agents. The point here is that the strength of the kager population can never be overestimated whether in Kano, Kisumu Nyahera or Nyakach. And consequently their boundary is never marked whether in Western province or in Nairobi’s Upper Matasia. In addition to this military advantage the mothership connection has ensured that due diligence is always observed to ward off unwanted incest.

Political Influence:

Jo Kager have influence in numbers but have never scored a legislative seat. The early contests scored poor runs. The disguised attempts to claim Mathews Ogutu biologically only resulted in stiff resistance to Ogutu after two terms. All of a sudden in Kapuny homesteads there was a campaign to dethrone Ogutu on lame account of being a womanizer only to be replaced by a serial polygamist! Other contestants like J A B Omondi of 1992 have either been colluded out or have entered the race with pathetic strategies and tactics. In any case kaGer’s cantankerous reputation seems to precede them.

Who is Who?

Former Westlands Mp Bernard Odipo: Alego Strong Ruler Owiny Sigoma; Gem Ex Chief Odera Akang’o; Slave trade abolitionist Alphayo Odongo Mango; Firebrand Quakers prelate Lawi Obonyo; Criminal Lawyer S M Othieno; Commercial Lawyer Othieno Omuga; Bomas of Kenya Founder, Ocholla; Entrepreneur Nakuru Evans Sunrise Hospital, Phelesia Olweny; Prospector Othieno Ombajo; Dr Rowland Okatch; Dr. Robert Ouko; ILO Labour Technocrat Samson Odera Oteng’; Auditor General Edward Ouko; Sports Administrator Omolo Siranga; Luo Union and Gor greats, Fred Siranga, Owiti Hatari, Austin Oduor; FIFA world cup quarterfinalist and UEFA Gold Medalist D. Origi; Kenyas sole international weightlifting medalist, Collins Okoth Nyawallo, Celebrity Marketing guru Joshua Okuthe; John Nyawallo 1st Chartered Accountant and proprietor of Commercial and Accountancy Schools in East Africa; Educationist Director C A Omuga; Maria Luoch NyaAseah, celebrity Dodo singer; Onyimbo Nyachore renowned marriage counsellor, Oliver Rang’enga Kothieno, Conflict resolution guru; Ogutu Were Dibo, veteran Trade Unionist; Educationist Thomas Omuga; Celebrity Singer Entertainer, Musa Jakadala.


4. Jo Deje

Fond name: Kateg


I am yet to configure the naming of Kateg even though they are my paternal grandmothers people. This makes all Kateg ladies my grandmothers or fondly my wives.

Areas of settlement

Jodeje (Kateg) are mainly in East Ugenya, in Got Nanga, Jera, Ligose, Ralak, Mauna, Lela and surrounding areas.

Political Influence:

In number they are currently punching above their weight but have no political muscle.

Who is Who?

Sports administrator D Juma Onyango Kamb; Confectionary business venture Sir George Owino Owidh; Former Gor Mahia football players Hesbon Omollo and George Onyango Fundi.


5 Jo Kanyamuot

Real names: Agongu

Fond names: Owango;


They are fondly known as Kanyamuot owango and in popular music that owango is very prominent however there is no relationship with Kawango clan of Sakwa. Agongu is the last of the sons surviving Ugenya. Agongu was orphaned at a tender age and suffered greatly.


Jokanyamuot have settled mainly between Rang’ala and Sidindi. Some of them spilling into Gem areas. The original home of kanyamuot is in Nyang’oma in Alego where Ugenya settlement began.

Political Influence:

They suffer from tyranny of numbers in Ugenya as they are sandwiched between assimilated clans and neighboring Alego.

Who is Who?

Legislator Opiyo Wandai: Transport magnate Ongewe of Ugenya Bus Services and Ongewe Bus Services, Baba Biro; High Court Judge Richard Otieno Kwach; Kenya and Gor Mahia Football star Isaiah Omondi.

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