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Updated: Jun 9

1. HEZEKIAH OYUGI OGANGO- Public Administrator, Public Services management; DC, PC, Permanent Secretary:

The high flying descendant of Ramogi I had a single mindedness to uplift the conditions of all descendants of Kombe Kombe, Aruwa and Podho I. Even his most erstwhile detractors scratch the ground for slurs and anti-Luo slurs against him. And poetically his only sin is no bigger than the sin of Podho II who dismembered the bowels of his daughter to recover the beads. Ogango was philanthropist extraordinary in Luo land because he covered both sides of the lake.

2. DALMAS ANYANGO OTIENO: Technocrat, Investment banker. Politician; Proprietor Thabiti Bank, Cabinet Minister, Member of Parliament

3. John Linus Aluoch Polo: Businessman, Investment banker, Philanthropist, Politician; Member of Parliament

4. Cyrillus Christopher Ogola Nyawanga aka Akuot Diri Nyawanga aka Ogola CC: Philanthropist, Businessman; Enterpreneur Akuot Diri Nyawanga Conglomerate In Nyanza. He donated the 200 acres of land for the construction of MIT Migori.

5. David Osiany- INGO Technocrat, Philanthropist, Business man, Public Services Manager; CAS,

6. Evans Ating’a-Philanthropist, Businessman; Entrepreneur Ating'a Securities.

7. C.S.O. Opiyo aka Mongiki (Kamagambo Kong’idi) – Educationist; Inspector of schools

8. Prof Oyola Akungu: Academia

9. Prof Okach: Academia

10. Engineer Kennedy Owino: Technocrat, Philanthropist

11. Dr Constantine Wasonga- Academia, Trade Unionist Philanthropist; Lecturer, Maseno University; Lawyer and Secretary- General, Universities Academy Staff Union.

12.Engineer Omondi Ngare - Businessman, Community Organiser

13.Jacob Odero Odek- Businessman, Community Organiser

14. Senior Chief Samwel Odhiambo Magak (Kagoro) - Businessman, Community Organiser

15. Philemon Oluoch- Public Administrator, Community Organiser; Provincial Sports Administrator

16. Fred Mwango aka Goatie shaver- Public Administrator, Businessman, Community Organiser, Philanthropist

17. Aluochier Polo: Politician Businessman, Community Organiser, Philanthropist.

18. Opiyo Midiang'a- Diaspora based Finance Technocrat, philanthropist

19. William Anyango Otieno- London based stock broker and wealth manager.

20. Oluoch Munda- Philanthropist, Community organiser

21. Polycarp Ang'ila-Philanthropist, Community organiser

22. Pastor Ang'ienda -Philanthropist, Community organiser, Prelate

23. Prof Humphrey Jeremiah Ojwang (Kambija) - Academia, Anthropologist, Philanthropist, Community organiser; currently Senior Research fellow at Nairobi University

24. Wilkista Anyango Nyambok -Philanthropist, Community organiser

25. Dr Edward Orony Omollo -Academia, author; molecular biologist Dominican University Columbus Ohio; Author (Beyond Expectations and Embodiment of Hope, life story of Luo Culture)

26. Samson Ogola - Philanthropist, Community organiser

27. Owiyo Nyakako- Philanthropist, Businessman; Beltezer Community Organiser

28. Philip Kong'o- Philanthropist, Community organiser

29. Jo Anne Otieno- Career, Chartered accountant

30. Turfena Achola Nguka -Philanthropist, Community organiser.

31. James Onyango Akanda -Career Serviceman, Surveyor Large scale farmer Folklorist, Community Organiser; WW2 Veteran, public service man, sugar cane farmer.

32. Rhoda Akinyi Ong'iela -Philanthropist, Community organiser

33. Dr Jerusa Muga- Author, community organiser, philanthropist; ( If today was your las day on earth).

34. Chief Maurice Ariyo Anyango- Public administrator, Community Organiser

35. Roselyn Ayoo- Philanthropist, Community Organiser

36. Bonn Oremo -Philanthropist, Community organiser, public governance; MCA

37 . Rhoda Akinyi Ong'iela -Philanthropist, Community organiser

38.Carolyn Okerre -Philanthropist, Community organiser, Public governance ; MCA

39. Zilper Audley Ochuodho -Philanthropist, Community organiser, public governance; Migori Women rep

40. Millicent Dorothy Kajimba -Philanthropist, Community organiser


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