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Verse 1: And so it came to pass that Ragem the son of Ochielo inherited his father's younger wife(nyiek min gi). This younger wife was also the mother of Ugenya his (step) brother.

Verse 2: And this is how Ugenya became also the son of his brother Ragem. And his other brother also became his uncle.

Verse 3: And to date Ragem developed a special fondness and love for Ugenya, his son and brother.

Verse 4: And Ragem with his sons Anyanga, Kwenda, Ojuodhi crossed into present day Got Ramogi.

Verse 5: Anyanga elder was overshadowed by Ojuodhi Ratipo.

Verse 6: Kwenda begot seven sons but Ojuodhi with his three sons and foster children easily outnumber Kwenda seven clans.

Kwenda transfer authority to Thomo

Verse 7: And one day as they were feasting Were son of Kwenda in trying to chastise Thomo broke the ear beads on Thomo ear. And Kwenda ordered that Were compensate Thomo for the loss of ear bead. And Thomo could still not be pacified. Kwenda then pacified him further by passing the responsibility of cleaning the royal abila.

Verse 8: And that is how Thomo assumed the authority of the first born by assuming the duty of cleaning Abila.

Verse 9: And Were sensing no forgiveness from brother Thomo went to live among the kaneye of Kisa Bantus who were his mother’s people.

Verse 10: And it came to pass that populous Were now sided with Kisa bantus in a fight a battle with Gem.

Trekk from Got Ramogi

Verse11: And as Gem distanced themselves from Got Ramogi in two expeditions, the Got Seje, Alego settlement and the lower River Yala Settlements.

Verse 12: And Gem people left several ancient ruins at Abuom, Bungu Ochilo, Rakuom K’omonge, Ochok, Bar Ka Rading’ (Bar-ding’)

Verse 13. And Gem bordered Alego clan from Nyandiwa, Obambo, Mahinga, Bungu- Oburu.

Verse 14: Gem also bordered Ugenya at Ugingo home of warlike Ger, Boro home of Anam the Rock, Gangu home of Kateg and Mwer the ruins of Puny.

Verse 15: A full day’s foot journey away was also Jo Kisumo clan in present day Kogelo (President Obama home area).

Verse 16: And Jokisumo clan of Kaudha bordered Seme clan of Gombe.

Massawa Wars - Jo Alego

Verse 17: And JoAlego started engaging Gem clans into excursion raids in their new settlements. And Odima of Gem engaged a friendship with Ong’ala of Jo Sakwa to create a pariah of Gem then raid Gem.

Verse 18: And it came to pass that Odima sent a foot emissary to Ong’ala. The Alego emissary on the way to Sakwa strayed into a Gem friendly village.

Verse19: And the emissary host asked, “What is your business with Sakwa”. And the emissary who had been well fed with legendry mbare brew, spilled all the beans in the ears of Gem believing this to be Sakwa people.

Verse 20: And Rading’ Omolo impersonating Ong’ala gave him the message, “Tell my friend Odima to wait until the day we start burning down Gem houses”. And as emissary was escorted on his way back to Odima, Rading’ Omolo and his Gem subjects hastily arranged to flee the marked settlements. And from this day hence forth the Luo riddle of imadho mbare kong rombe? was coined.

Verse 21: And Rading’ Omolo led his people through Siwandhe to Majiwa, Hululo.

Massawa Wars 2- Jo Kisumo

Verse 22: And it came to pass that Jo Kisumo clan also lived in nearby Asayi, Ndegwe, Abir, Sirembe

Verse 23: As Rading’ Omolo continued to suffer casualties with the loss of his sons Opot and Onono. Rading’ sought the wiseman Otiende of Kisumo for advise on the next trekk.

Verse 24: Wiseman Otiende of Kisumo advised Gem to fell a huge tree and the direction of the huge olwa tree should be the direction of their next trekk but by fate the felled tree indicated that Gem should migrate towards Kisumo.

Verse 25: And Gem continued a life of blowing hot and cold with all the bantu neighbours at the same time consolidating their position by bringing together their Gem clans scattered while fleeing.

Verse 26: And Rading commenced on charm offensive to entice Jo Kisumo but Otiende spurned the charm offensive because he knew Gem’s ulterior motive after the felling of olwa tree. And Rading’ sent another charm offensive, and Rading replied “Jakondo ok wuogi e roth, Rading’ mondo otug mana gi mwache”

And it came to pass that Odera Rangira succeeded Rading’ Omolo. And Rangira succeeded in bringing back other scattered Gem clans.

Verse 27: At this time descendant of Were son of Kwenda lived together with maternal relatives from Kisa Bantus at Lundha, Sirandu and Ukaya. And Kisa Bantus who engaged Gem were domineering over the Umani Bantu tribes men and at the same time Gem were raiding Umani at a fierce battle at Barding. And the Umani people took full flight to Udura in North Wanga people.

Verse 28: And with Rading’ gone Odera Rangira engaged Jo Kisumo in fierce battle from Lundha to Abir.

Massawa Wars - Jo Matama

Verse 29: With the battle with Kisumo on pause Gem opened new offensive with the watama at Got Regea, Sathala, Sianda, Ogingo. Then Gem drove watama and handed over to their ancestral cousins Ugenya to finish off the offensive. Gem then set up homes for Agwingu at manyala and Asima at Uholwe.

Massawa Wars - Jo Kisumo phase 2 (Goch Kisumo)

Verse 30: And Gem not quite satisfied engaged Jo Kisumo in a second offensive across River Yala where joKisumo now set a bunker secured by alaktar thorns.

Verse 31: And seemingly outwitted Gem paused until they came up with akala sandles and using the roofs of the Kisumo abandoned granary crossed the river and burned down the makeshift barricades setting Jo Kisumo in a fresh lap of retreat up to Got Osir where the hot pursuit paused.

Massawa Wars - Jo Kisumo Final phase (Goch Kisumo)

Verse 32: And with the prophesy of the Otiende as indicated by olwa tree, Gem resumed final raging offensive on Jo Kisumo and drove them back to Pap Onyoso. And from this offensive was born the proverbial phrase “goch Kisumo”. And Gem set up settlements at Osomoge Kasamo, Limini Kosure, Pap Kachola, Ober Kawagandia, Onyong’o Kokoth, Mahwari Kaundo, Kogola Genga, Siala Kodenyo, Rera Kamagere, Hundro Koyomba, Usoma Kokelo

Massawa Wars - Kisa- Bantus Phase 1

Verse 33: And Gem had not forgotten how Kisa had split the family by pulling descendants of Were son of Kwenda to their side. And it came to pass that Gem engaged in a war of retribution. And the battle was fierce and the Kisa Bantus of Nyamninia resisted even causing casualties by killing Okaka, Sigulu (Shihul) Ojwang’, Ombala Siangle aka Ratal.

Verse 34: And it came to pass that Oloo Ramoya who had succeeded Odera issued a war cry, “to wanane ka jogi dagie Nyamninia kae”.

Verse 35: And Oloo Ramoya after failing in peace initiatives opened 3 battle fronts led by Agola on enticing decoy, front; Akwany and Rariw struck the heart of Kisa at Nyamninia; Gilo and Thomo went for Kisa jugular at Luri and Uganga. And in the casualty Ombonya (not to be confused Ombanyo in any way) was slain by Misolo Komolo (Gilo) and Ombete was slain by Oluga Oluoch. And Kisa settlement in Nyamninia, Uganga vanquished.

Massawa Wars - Kisa Phase 2 (Enhanced Kisa excursion)

Verse 36: And it came to pass that Ugamburi clan of Kisa bantus next to Uganga up to Unyala dared Gem. And the Ugamburi prepared their formidable mighty sons for offensive with Gem. And their bravado was like a lightning rod to war like Gem now looking for anybody to vanquish. And Gem again used the three pronged salvo on Ugamburi people. The Kagola clan attacked from Uahala driving Ugamburi towards Pap Tatro.

Verse 37: The combined forces of Akwany, Rariw, Thomo, and Gilo flattened Ugamburi people towards Anyiko; And Nyikwaya was given the lighter task of mopping Ugamburi towards Ulumbi.

Verse 38: And the blood bath of Ugamburi from the slaughter was not like never seen before as even women were slaughtered and only marriageable young girls were taken away by an enforcer who appeared on the ranks of gem as an Odera.

Verse 39: And Gem allocated themselves large tracts of ruins between the sons of Ojuodhi and Kwenda from the spoils of this war.

Massawa Wars - Sakwa Excursions Phase1

Verse 39: And it came to pass that Gem became bored and recalled how Sakwa had conspired with Alego. And Gem engaged Sakwa at Lwak and drove them to Wath Ayora. Gem then drove the another lot of Sakwa upto Osira where Kaudha occupied the settlement.

Verse 40: And Sakwa set a military garrison at Wang’ bith. And when Gem appeared Gem were easily beaten and sent scampering away. The military offensive led by Asuna Masime and Yieko scampered away.

Massawa Wars - Sakwa Excursions Phase 2

Verse 41: And Gem was not satisfied with this beating as they armed themselves and relaunched a successful offensive that drove Sakwa up to Nyabenge.

Verse 42: But Gem knew that Sakwa is a troublesome lot and retreated to plan an offensive to completely distance themselves from Sakwa.

Massawa Wars 10- Sakwa Excursions Phase 3

Verse 43: And Gem strategy was to open a distance between themselves and Sakwa. And Gem again deployed the 3 pronged attack strategy.

Verse 44: And Kojuodhi approached the direct route to Sakwa settlement at Odende; Karariw and Gilo attacked from Nyabenge river; Thomo and Nyikwaya attacked from Ndori and Rang’i.

Verse 45: And Gem occupation stayed that way until the white man rolled back their boundary to give Sakwa a breathing space.

Massawa Wars - Seme Flare up

Verse 46: And with Sakwa safely distanced, Gem turned the glare on Seme.

Verse 47: And on anon event in a wrestling contest between Ogutu and Asiyo of Seme, Ong’owo exchanged banter with Asiyo (Not relationship with Osieyo at all). And Seme took offense of the personal banter on Asiyo.

Verse 46: As a brawl erupted at the wrestling match, Seme brandished their arsenal of spears. And the unarmed Gem spectators took to their heels with Seme in hot pursuit.

Verse 47: But Gem did not take kindly to defeat in the presence admiring and marriageable women folk. And they never forgave Seme and never forgot the complete beating.

Verse 48: Still Seme did not stop there and they raided Gem on the River Yala and drove them across the river to their side of the river bank. Again Gem bore the defeat at the hands of Seme.

Massawa Wars - Seme Flare up phase 2

Verse 49: Left behind on the now Seme side of river Yala was a young man Owenga son of Aduol who met his death at the hands of Seme. Gem reigning leader now Odera Ulalo organised a fight back to uproot and beat back Seme.

Verse 50: And to completely vanquish Seme, Gem organised only two battalions. A front battalion and an ambush battalion to attack from the soft rear. Seme suffered a great loss by the slaying of, Otogo sons (Aguko and Oooro a.k.a. Osisogo), Ochan a.k.a. Poga, Owili aka Ngota, Alaii a.k.a. Pundo Nyiri (ladies’ mascara) by Onyosro, Nondi of Gem.

Verse 51: And Gem also suffered casualties in the loss of Akeng’o aka chwor Massawa by Odaro. And Oluoch who being tracked by Sijenyi escaped.

Verse 52: The fall of Seme was so complete and resounding and they retreated for good never to return in Gem vicinity. And Gem moved to settle at Wambuso Kogweno, Wang’ dhiang’ Koriwo, Wangu Kokumu, Yago Kolongo, Nyaolo Kolweru, Got Osir ka Ywaya, and Gombe dala Sijenyi.

Massawa Wars - Unyore, Umuri Wars of occupation

Verse 53: Gem now supremely in control of the region moved into occupational war. Signing pacts with Unyore and making friends to occupy and engage in mercenary wars. At times Gem just enjoyed friendship through marriage with rulers such as Omutchiro Oyengo. The appetite for a fight was no more there.

Verse 54: And Nganyi having secured Odera Ulalo his sister convinced Odera to conquer Uyalo (Embuhuyalo) for him. And using multi-pronged clan attack Gem beat Uyalo but not before Uyalo warriors killed Obat brothers, Sande of Ahono. And if it was not for their sprinting abilities Masime Kogola and Ateng’ Koburu would have been slain. And in fear of reprisal attacks the Unyore Bantus scattered into Luo land up to Seme and quickly disguised themselves as Luos up to today.




  • · Son of Chiedo Ochola son of Jeje son of Adhaya

  • · Credited with leading Gem out of threat of subjugation and hostile environment.


  • · Credited with persistent push of jo Kisumo and Bantu Kisa to create a settlement

  • · Assimilated various groups through reconciliation (Waudi, Umani, Uhoware)

  • · Assassinated by Wamlao of Uhoware


  • · Rolled back Seme Frontiers

  • · Rolled back Seme from Nyamninia

  • · Passed on in his palace at Luanda Gem


  • · Son of Omole son of Rading’ Omolo

  • · Led the bloody wars against Unyore

  • · Assimilated and ruled Kisa and Unyore groups

  • · Ruled Gem into arrival of Colonialists

  • · Committed suicide at Uranga area out of principle because of the scandal of Uyoma clan stock theft.


  • · Pursued further assimilation of Kisa and Unyore from across river Yala.


  • · Transitional success at turbulent times


  • · Led a reign of peace, unity and general happiness

  • · But peace time gave way to vendetta


  • · Maintained decorum and ndirindiri and ndendre subsided considerably.


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