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Updated: Mar 24, 2022


Verse 1: And Onyango Rabala turned to his brothers and scornfully said, “luckily for you, that you have been born now you can choose not to go and rescue our father from captivity!”

Verse 2: And the Onyango Rabala brothers turned their backs on the mission to rescue their father and clung to their mothers and left their father to die in captivity, bad health, poverty and life in dilapidated condition.

Verse 3: And Onyango Rabala took his armour including orujre (sling shot) and went in hot pursuit after his father’s Samia Bantu slavers from the podho through the massive Nam lolwe.

Verse 4: And after forty days and nights of wading the waters and trekking on dry land, Onyango Rabala infiltrated the enemy and rescued Chwanya from captivity.

Verse 5: And when the brother saw how the mothers received their father Chwanya, they hung their heads in shame and some ran away from home claiming he had been killed by accident.

Verse 6: And Onyango Rabala was blessed for this act of bravery.

Verse 7: And from that heroism Onyango earned the name Rabala to mean “he who defied the Oedipus complex; or he who defied the tragic attraction between son and mother or simply he who defied the order of motherly love”.

Verse 8: And it came to pass that Chwanya and his family waded across the lake to the present habitat as by then volcanic eruption had not caused the tsunami that created the Kavirondo gulf.

Verse 9: And they lived happily in milambo to prosperity despite the earth tremors of 1967 that caused quakes and cracked high tower school buildings. And Onyango now Onyango Rabala sons peacefully came of age to start their own families and multiply to fill the earth as was the natural order of things.

Verse 10: And as Owiti, the eldest son of Onyango persisted in monogamy, the sisters in law teased him as that was not proper in the welfare and safety in number order that had rescued Mzee Chwanya. And it came to pass that the kidology of buoch (eunuch) came to stick as a part of his name.

Verse 11: And the kidology of buoch coaxed Owiti to marry another wife and the clan name Kabuoch evolved.

Verse 12: And one of Onyango Rabala wife had a readiness to kamikaze fights with a rungu (club) and ligangla (short sword). And to maintain a community watchtower her home was built on the bay mouth at a place to be known by her reputation as Karungu bay. And the other clans slept in peace knowing that the open bay mouth is watched over day and night.

Verse 13: And the reputation of her expertise to kamikaze battle preceded her name. And her homestead of Karungu became a clan name.

Verse 14: And all the sons of Chwanya observed kinship without any intermarriage until a later descendant of Onyango Rabala keeping in true form to balo renegade ritually married into distant Rachuonyo family to suspend the blood line bar.

Verse 15: And to date all the sons of Chwanya in the whole of milambo Nyanza, bordering Nyakach and sprawling into present day lands of Tanganyika with their miderma (foster) tribes from the west of the lake looked in wonderment at how great they are!



1. Ochola Ogur. Politician, MP (Nyatike)1988-1997, 2002-207, Former Assistant Minister.

2. Pope Simeo Melkio Ondetto- Prelate. Universality Legio Maria,

3. Polycarp Omolo Ochillo, - Journalist, Broadcaster, KBC, VoK

4. Sebby Omolo- Football Star, Gor Mahia FC, Winner East and Central Club Championships, 1980, Winner Kenya Football League, 1977,1976, 1979, Kenya Challenge cup, 1975, 1978

5. Peter E Omondi Anyanga- Politician MP (Nyatike) 2007-2013

6. Tom Mboya Odege- Politician current MP 2017-

7. Ongalo Miso- Businessman, Cattle Ranching, Community Organiser

8. Nyawanda wuon Apaka (Godfather of Lake waves)- Public administrator, Chief, Legico location council, Boundary administration of locations

9. Odege Gund Liech (elephant’s bedroom)- Sub Chief, Comedian, renowned court jester.

10. Muok Genga- Politician, MP aspirant

11. Oyier Ondoche- Public Administrator, Former Provincial Commissioner

12. Odera wuod Kuba Nyapando- Former Kadem Chief, Colonial administrator

13. Nyamula wuod Ruoth-Community organiser, designated and anointed host of Luo Ker on way to Tanganyika oversight of Luos

14. Orem Jerry- Chief of Central Kadem, Public administrator

15. Tom Ochillo – Chief Passer, Aviation, East African Airways, Kenya Airways

16. Lt major (retired) Odongo K’ Ogodo, Military service, Kenya Armed Forces

17. Anthony Seko- Law enforcement, Superintendent of Police. Kenya Police Service

18. Tom Onyango Athung’a- Community Organiser, Public Administrator

19. Peter Olimo- Community Organiser, Rancher, Public Administration

20.Jaspher Ater- academia, lecturer, Maseno University

21.Samson Olima Obonyo- politician, aspirant for MP for Nyatike seat

22.Professor Riwa Genga- academia,

23. Bernard Kassam- Medical researcher

24.Dr Paul Othim Ongugo-(Kakoth) Researcher, Director, Kenya Forestry Research Institute

25.Oloo Ongugo-Public Administrator, Paramount Chief

26.Prof Romanus Odhiambo-Academia, Vice Chancellor, Meru University of Science and Technology.

27.Arthur Bunde-Public Services Manager- retired Divisional county commissioner

28.Prof Patrick Weke- Academia- University Of Nairobi ( Mathematics)

29.Prof Mark Ogutu- Academia- US based

30. Oguda OTC- Musician, Benga and Oriti star (Polinda Nyar Ber)


1. Phillip Ochola Makanyengo- Trade Unionist, Politician, 3-time member of Parliament. Was member of the Tom Mboya Airlift and based in Chicago University; Tom Mboya’s closest confidant before assassination

2. Oguta Lie Bobo, Legendry Musician, The incomparable Onanda King. Un matched lyricist, Poet and Community Chronicler, Sage

3. Dr Kephar Odhiambo Makanyengo- Orthopaedic Surgeon, Formerly Lt Col, Kenya Army, Military Doctor Forces memorial, Orthopaedic Surgeon specialist; currently practising in Kisii; Musician, Benga beat and afro genre. 4. Dr Sammy Makanyengo, -Medical Practitioner (GP), East Coast Australia, Family Chronicler, Grandson of the great Phillip Ochola Makanyengo.

5. Florence Otory- Corporate Executive, Kenya Revenue Authority

6. Elija Obiny- Agriculturalist, INGO

7. Dr Orero- Businessman, INGO

8. Professor Pamela Orero, - Academia

9. Shadrack Orero- US White house staffer 10. Okal Okoko- Agriculturalist, INGO 11. Elizabeth Osumba- Curator, National Museums of Kenya 12. Grace Otieno- Public Service management- Director of Personnel management, Kenya 13. Millie Odero Ongoro- Technocrat, Envoy, INGO 14. Patrick Makanyengo, -Public Services Management, Commissioner of Cooperatives, Kenya 15. Quintin Omondi Ochola- Engineer, INGO 16. Nellie Hawi, lawyer, Businessman, Trade Unionist

17. Augustino Netto (Karading')- politician, MP ( Ndhiwa)

18. Odero Muonya- Businessman, Hotelier, proprietor (Prudence Hotel)

19.Professor Pamela Raburu-academia. Dean of school of Education, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University


1. Gor Ogalo (aka Mahia)- General Practitioner, general Physician, psychiatrist, philosopher, community organiser, philanthropist, pacifist, geographer, historian. He lent his name to several Luo Union FC splinter clubs to coalesce and form the highly succeesful and fashionable Gor Mahia Football Cub.

2. Ancentus Akuku Danger- Farmer, agronomist, philosopher, community organiser, educationist, Philanthropist Pan Africanist, Businessman

3. Ading Rimba-Community Organiser Philanthropist

4. Oloo Aringa- Public administrator

5. Willima Ajenga- Educationist

6. Tom Obondo, Politician, MP Ndhiwa, Businessman, Community organiser, political activist, Kanu Operative

7. Ayany Jowi- Musician, Celebrated classical Orutu, entertainer, griot and Sage

8. Ogada Nyangire- Physician, Gor Ogalo kin and assistant, herbalist, seer

9.Dr. Julian Juan-Technocrat, Public Services manager-Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education; Former Director KCID.

10.Akech Chieng'-Politician, Member of Legislative Council

11.Hamilton Orata- civic politician, Deputy Governor, Homa Bay County.

12. Gidi Gidi Maji Maji (Joseph Oyoo Gidi)- Media, IT Consultant, Musician, singer, dholuo rap artist, composer, public performer.

13. Tom Kidew- Politician, Businessman, Prospecting and supporting local Macalder Mines single hold miners, Quarry Industry.


1. Paramount Chief Inda- West Konyango location

2. Milany Ongang’o- Elder, Philanthropist, Sage

3. Nyakwana Obondo- Business man

4. William Olang’- Prominent, pioneer Businessman and father of Owigo Olang’

5. Oongo Nyang’wecha- Community organiser

6. Elijah Ogada Obondo- Educationist

7. Owigo Olang, Gogni, - Law enforcement, Politician 2 term MP(Nyatike), Businessman

8. Dr Gordon Joseph Odero Jowi, INGO Technocrat, Politician

9. Dr Orwa Adar, Eng

10. Mike Ogola- Engineer, Politician and aspirant

11. Debora Auko- Company Executive, Multinational Securities Firm.

12. Ben Oloo- Soccer star, Harambee Stars, Gor Mahia Football Club, Silver medal winner, All Africa Games 1987- Football; Gold medal winner East and Central African Club Championships 1985; 3 time Kenya national Football league winner with Gor Mahia FC 1985, 1985 and 1987; Gold medal winner, Kenya Challenge cup with Gor Mahia FC 1985.

13. Margret Akoth, Urban Management, Civic politician Mombasa Mayoral council

14. Cardinal John Pesa, - Prelate, Coptic Church World wide

15. John Kasuku – Businessman, Textile, Fabrics and Dressler Industry, proprietor Kasuku Garment Factory, East and Central Africa.

16. Yvoune Akinyi Olang’- Proprietors, London Ivy Confectionaries and Eatery, United Kingdom

17. Jalawi Obondo-KRA, Football administration Gor Mahia FC

18. Thomas Mboya Odera, MCA former, Civic politician, community organiser

19. Ms Jackie Paul, MCA, politician, Civic politician, community organiser

20. Obonyo Siro, MCA, Civic politician, community organiser

21. Hamisi Muo- INGO Technocrat. Food and Agricultural Organisation, Country Director.

22. Dr Ochola Sime- General practitioner, businessman

23. Arch Bishop Dr William Otieno Tiany, Prelate

24. Bar Magawe- Educationist, Community Organiser

25. Professor Samwel Gudu-Academia, Vice Chancellor, Rongo University

26. Justice Oriema Okoth- Judicial service

27. Dr Nick Ogange- medic, Businessman

28.Fredrick Omondi Oduma- Academia (Environmentalist, Water, Environment and Climate Change). lecturer Rongo University

29.Obiero Gumo- Tax Economist, Kenya Revenue Authority

30.Dr Theophilus Ajwang' Chando- Academia, Philosophy and Sociology, technical University of Kenya.

31.Peter Nyajure Achar-Economist, CDF Manager, Nyatike Political aspirant.

32.Engineer Monica Abonyo-KENHA

33.Dr Walter Ngaji-US based medic; Dental Surgeon has founded a local surgery in Karungu

34.Martin Ngaji- Public Services Manager, Trained Accountant, Philanthropist ( Alendo Girls Secondary School, Ungoe Coeducational secondary school)

35. John Dache Pesa- Educationist, Politician- Former MP Migori

36.Tembe Nyolambo- Musician, composer, performer- Traiditional and folk songs (composer of Jamanyanga ng'at man gi butcher rech)

37.Dr Bernard OkomoResearcher- agronomist

38. Elisha Ocholla, - Businessman, Philanthropist, community organiser

39.Bishop Michael Cornelius Otieno Odiwa- clergy-Homa Bay Diocese, Community organiser.

40.Jim Clement Ayungo-INGO, community organiser- National Youth Council of Kenya, Former Director, National Youth Fund


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