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Updated: Mar 24, 2022


Verse 1: And Sin Kuru begot Dhiang’, Odongo and Podho I

Verse 2: And Podho I begot Ringruok

Verse 3: And Ringruok begot Owat.

Verse 4: And Owat begot Twaifo.

Verse 5: And Twaifo begot Jok I.

Verse 6: And Jok I begot Nayo, Omolo and Owiny.

Verse 7: And Nayo begot Jok II.

Verse 8: And Jok II begot Ramogi I.

Verse 9: And Ramogi I begot Aruwa and Podho II and Kombe Kombe.

Verse 10: And Kombe Kombe who lived in the dystanties of oganda begot Girango

Verse 11: And Girango begot Musuba.

Verse 12: And Musuba begot Tegi.

Verse 13: And from the house of Musuba (Suba) several descendants lived as foster families in the dynasties of Soga and Ganda

Verse 14: And it came to pass that these foster families followed kinsmen eastwards by lake and by land

Verse 15: And when they arrived by the east bays of the lake shores the earlier arrivals identified them by their common dialect of Lisuuna

Verse 16: And a corrupted version of ancient dholuo, and underground Luganda became a common name of the settlers of Girango descendants.

Verse 17: And it came to pass that of the Lisuuna speakers the family constellation of Wagiire, Katiga, Osingo, Kakiseru, Wiga, Wasimbete, Waware, Wakine, Rieny Kwoyo,

Verse 18: And it came to pass the arrival another constellation of Suna Abasuba the Wasweta (Kadika, Katiga, Kakrao,), Wasimbete (Bahiri kiberi, Bahiri ng'ong'o, Bahiri Nkena, Miaro, Nchogu) and Wiga (Wakwena, Nyasasi, Wanje, Nyathocho, Kamsuru).

Verse 19: And they were joined by loosely related meteorites of Suna people; Wanje, Kakaeta, Kanyameda, Wakwera, Wanyara, Kamn'go'ngo



1. Hon JOHN HENRY OKWANYO, EGH: Public governance, popular politician, Public Health technician, Anthropologist; 5-term member of parliament, Cabinet minister. This descendant of Girango straddles river Migori like a Colossus. For his anthropological efforts, his constituents repaid in allegiance by re-electing him 5 times to house of representation. There is nothing like Community Social Responsibility about Migori area that does not have his footprints. From handholding people’s careers to physical donation of personal land for public utility Okwanyo Johnny as he was fondly known permeated the lives of Migori people and beyond. Where todays leaders acquire land to build palatial homes in the style of Europeans of the 10th century, Hon John Henry Okwanyo gave land with abandon so that institutions could be set up.

In his own words and in his own eloquent anglicised vowel, John Henry Okwanyo believed that “community empowerment is not having bottomless capital to employ or having unbridled power to wield. Community building is a matter of patriotism and pride.

2. First Lady Hellen Obado: Philanthropist, public administrator; County Commissioner, Women Organiser: Two term First Lady of Migori County and wife of embattled but popular Governor Obado.

3. Senior Chief Barasa: Philanthropist, public administrator, public governance, community organiser; Administrative Chief

4. Senior Chief Ocharo: Philanthropist, public administrator, public governance, community organiser; Administrative Chief

5. Professor Romanus Odhiambo Otieno: Academia, Philanthropist; Vice Chancellor of Meru University of Science and Technology

6. Hon Pamela Odhiambo: Community Organiser, popular Politics, Philanthropist; Migori Women's Rep

7. Dr Phillip Ogwai Mwabe: Philanthropist, Community Organiser, grassroots politician; Aspirant for Migori Governor

8. Otondo Akula Wuod Bole: Philanthropist; Fearless anti cattle rustling warrior.

9. Caroline Ocharo: Law enforcement; Principal Resident Magistrate, Judiciary.

10. Onyango Gibbs, Okwanyo: Germany based Technocrat, Philanthropist, Community Organiser; Popularly seen as heir apparent to the throne of Hon J H Okwanyo.

11. Peter Okwanyo: Philanthropist, public administrator; County Commissioner (Pokot)

12. Hon Owino Likowa: Public governance, popular politician, public health practitioner, Philanthropist; Member of Parliament

13. Hon Joseph Obiero Ndiege: Public governance, popular politician, public health practitioner, Philanthropist; Member of Parliament

14. Christopher John Chacha Ogwe: Philanthropist, Public services Manger;

Secretary General UNESCO, TSC Commissioner, Director Sony Sugar, Board member, Migori TTC

15. Awuor Nyocholla: INGO Technocrat, Anthropologist; Qualitative Researcher.

16. Christopher Odhiambo: Public Administrator; County Secretary, Town Clerk.

17. Owuor Jamariwa: Benga Musician

18. Martha Nimba Watta: Medic, Philanthropist; Diaspora based Health Technician in UK.

19. Dr. Dan Opon: Public Service Management, Diplomat; Former Immigration Attaché at the Kenya High Commission in Ottawa and currently Assistant Director of Immigration Services.

20. Ojode Ben: Benga Musician

21. Mercy Odongo: INGO Technocrat

22. Maria Akinyi Okwanyo: Philanthropist, Youth Activist

23. Naftali Ogolla: Philanthropist, Community Organiser

24. Attorney Phillip Ochari Olali: Philanthropist, Community Organiser, Businessman.

25. Valentine Ocharo: Actuarial scientist; US Diaspora based data scientist.

26. Dr Fidel Baraza: Philanthropist, Community Organiser, Academia.

27. Eston Okinyi: Philanthropist, Businessman; Tax Consultant, Wealth Management and Financial Engineering.

28. Hon Lawrence Oguda- Public governance, popular politician, Philanthropist.

29. Eunice Alison Nyang’or Mwabe: Orator, Philanthropist, community Organiser; African Leadership Academy Graduate (Young African Leaders Initiative of President Obama)

30. Milka Okwanyo: Medic, Philanthropist; Diaspora based, community Health expert based in London UK


Lynnette Odhialo: Medic, Philanthropist; Diaspora based, community Health expert based in London UK

32. Prof. Aking'o Oyugi: Academia, Researcher, Public Services Manager; Commissioner Revenue Allocation.

33. Andrew Okeyo Odongo: Public Administration, Educationist, Public Services management; Pioneer Commissioner Electoral Commission of Kenya, Director KGGCU,

34. Elisha Okeya: Medic; Pioneer Pharmacist

35. Jack Asadhi Sarioba: Civic governance; councillor

36. Ezra Odoyo Nyainda: Law Enforcement; Career Police chief

37. Justice P J Otieno: Judicial; Judge of the High Court.

38. Julius Okumu (Prince Jully): Artist; Benga Musician

39. Seth Odongo: Journalism, Philanthropy; Foe, Foi practitioner; Dikembe Disembe blogger, ODM Political Opposition party Executive Officer.

40. Dr Seth Odongo: Philanthropist, Public Services Management, Technocrat; CEC Mombasa County, Collector of recorded literatures in Luo music.

41.Philip Odongo: Educationist; Principal of several schools.

42.Japuonj Alwalo: Pioneer Educationist of the 1950s and 1960s, Philanthropist, Community Organiser, Commnity Sage

43. Col Kasina: Armed Forces

44.Omusi Osunga: Businessman; Construction Industry

45.Elisha Okeyo: Businessman; Pharmaceutical Industry

46.Adhing'a Odongo: Educationist, Sports; Sports and Trainer

47.Samwel Otieno Mapesa: Philanthropist, Community Organiser; Shows, Exhibition Expo and Trade Fairs organiser.

48. Barack Okeyo Olengo: Educationist, Sports, Community Organiser; sports referee and arbitration

49. Lawyer Fred Okeyo: Practising Lawyer, Philanthropist; Advocate of the High Court

50. Mark Odongo: Practising Lawyer, Philanthropist; Advocate of the High Court

51. Dr Collins Okinyi Odongo: Businessman, Medic

52. Dr Onyango S.H.O.: Businessman, Medic







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