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Updated: Mar 24, 2022


Verse 1: And so it came to pass that brothers Nyikal and Rado arrived in Alego area from Imbo. And as a bitter quarrel erupted between the two siblings, Nyikal left his brother Rado and settled at Got Abiero in the present Sakwa. And Amolo the daughter of Nyikal was sent to lure away Were son of Rado to represent his brother in the Nyikal household.

Verse 2: And as Nyikal moved away from Alego they were encountered by kinsman Chwanya family and people of Uyoma clan. And Chwanya was the first to recognise Nyikal and Were son of Rado.

Verse 3: And Nyikal narrated the bitter feud that erupted between the two brothers and how he took with him his nephew Were now known as Gumba.

Verse 4: And Chwanya helped Nyikal drive away the residents of Winam to the place now called Seme. It was called Seme (Ceres) an ancient DhoLuo word for place of good harvest and vast lush grazing land.

Verse 5: And it came to pass that Nyikal rescued two brothers Anam and Onyango who had been swept away by sudd floating masses of chunk of land. And Nyikal fostered the two brothers as his together with his nephew Were now known as Gumbe. The two brothers became known as Olunje because they were fond of pruning Nyikal’s beard.

Verse 6: And Nyikal lived happily with his sons Odongo, Dipir, Gumba, Anam and Onyango until Odongo was killed in the battlefield to secure Seme fertile lands.

Nyikal conspires to get his daughter pregnant

Verse 7: And Amolo confidant daughter of Nyikal had resolved to remain bachelorette. And she grew animosity towards men. And Nyikal colluded with his friend Ila to come pay him a visit and pretend to be dead drunk. And Ila who was apparently silly drunk was led to sleep in the same siwindhe as Amolo. And Amolo conceived.

Verse 8: And Amolo gave birth to a boy named Odanga.

Verse 9: And Ila fetched his two sons Aboke and Onyulo.

Verse 10: And because of the tragedy that caused the separation of Nyikal and Rado, all the surrounding clans treated Nyikal's family and Rado's son now known as Seme clan as a pariah. And all the neighbouring clans kept frogmarching them in the new settlements. And because they had no alliances in battle it was easy for other clans to unsettle them.

Gem War

Verse 11: And it came to pass that a battalion of Seme Katieno engaged Gem clan warriors prematurely and suffered heavy losses. And as they retreated in defeat, Nyakach clan warriors sent word for Seme to go back and re-engage Gem as they are on the way to fortify Seme battalion. But mischievous Nyakach clan just wanted Seme to loose further so that it will be easy for them to conquer them. And Seme did not lose because they had ferocious Ochwonyo Randiek who was a one-man battalion.

Verse 12: And as they came back in victorious march Nyakach war commanders enquired if furious Ochwonyo Randiek who is usually restrained by ropes held by six strong men to stop him from causing intolerable damage on the vanquished had also survived. And when Nyakach warriors heard that the Indomitable Ochwonyo Randiek was still alive, they quickly fled back into the plains and bunkers because they knew how devastating Ochwonyo Randiek was even when restrained by six strong men.

Kisumo War

Verse 13: And it came to pass that Seme, Gem and Sakwa clans combined forces to roll back the boundaries of Kisumo. And the in the battle confirmed the might of Seme clan as a force to reckon with, a leading Seme warrior named Madang’u slaughtered Kisumo warriors until he suffered a dead arm (lwete ogo thudhno) and had to held in a sling around his neck.

Verse 14: And it came to pass that after this show of might by Seme, Sakwa warriors started bribing Seme warriors with protection fees in the form of ladies to marry as they Sakwa had earned a reputation of being a weak military.

Verse 15: And when Sakwa defeated Alego without seeking Seme support, their warriors returning in victory were singing, “Obare ya Seme e wach wa manyoro cha” (there is no more honouring the pledge to bribe you with ladies)

Virility of Seme men

Verse 16: And it came to pass that an elderly lady past her menopause came to cast a spell on marauding elephants. And she was assigned to sleep in the watchtower where young men were guarding the crops were also aboding.

Verse 17: And in unheard surreal happening, when her tenure to successfully cast the spell the elephants away was over, she had also miraculously become pregnant.

Verse 18: And the elderly woman stayed to give birth to a healthy bouncing Seme baby boy in spite of her having reached menopause decades earlier and her shelf life for giving birth was gone.

Verse 19: And there was born the riddle of Seme Kihongi (the virility of Seme men is beyond tempting).



1. NYIKAL THE ANCESTOR: The father of Seme clan. His wisdom is spiritual and indeed he is revered as a demi god by Seme Clansmen. On disagreeing with his brother he walked away from the company of Rado his brother in Alego but in fearing for the descendants of Rado his brother who had seemed to have lost his soul, Nyikal lured Were son of Rado to join him to be the place holder for his brother Rado. He renamed him Gumbe. All rituals began from Gumbe. Nyikal kept a well-groomed beard similar to Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s. And in striking reminder, like Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o, Nyikal also had a daughter surrounded by the same number of boys. It is from the homestead of Nyikal that Seme as a clan began.

2. Ochwonyo Randiek soldier, commando was the most dreaded single brute force in the eastside exodus of Luos and only comparable to Rakidi the naked warrior who brought down the Bantu empire. Ochwonyo single-handedly rolled back the neighbouring armies to enable Seme to mark their frontiers. Ochwonyo Randiek had such thunderous ferocity in battle that 6 strong Seme men had to restrain him tethered with strong ropes reserved for the fiercest bulls. If not so in fury Ochwonyo Randiek would go in wanton devastation of the vanquished and destroy anything in sight including non-living things. The sound of his name alone made other dreaded armies like the Nyakach warriors sprint away with squeaky bums.

3. Odongo . White collar cattle Rustler. Odongo like Migele was a pioneer white collar dealer who gave cultural cattle rustling a cleaner phase. Like the legendary North American watering of cows after feeding with salt that found its way to Wall Street as watered down stock; Seme’s rebranding of cattle by operating on their horns is yet to arrive in Nairobi Stock Exchange. Unlike other clans his non-violent rustling increased Seme wealth immensely without wasteful loss of lives.

4. Professor Anyang’ Nyong’o (KaGumba): (Gumba/Rado descendant) Economist Academia, popular politician, Public Administrator; Senator Kisumu, Public Services Manager; Governor Kisumu county. Professor Anyang’ Nyong’o has led the life of his ancestor Nyikal and including the legendary Nyikal well-groomed beards that gave rise to the names of his foster children Anam and Onyango as Olunje. And like Nyikal he has an overbearing daughter Amondi which in ancient times was Amolo. Lupita like Amolo is yet to marry as Amolo married late.

5. Lupita Amondi Nyong’o (KaGumba) - Actress, Modelling; Hollywood Super model; First African Oscars winner for the movie 12 Years A Slave. In many ways Lupita is a reincarnation of Amolo daughter of Nyikal. Amolo like Lupita was petite and legged beauty who could climb trees like a Tom boy. Amolo's walking is described as tondruok (cat walking) because she was an only girl hence the nickname of all Seme ladies as Otondi. And to date all Seme male and female babies named Otondi are named so in memory of wise counsellor Amolo. Amolo married late and Lupita is yet to marry. Amolo dad Nyikal had a groomed beard that gave the grooming foster children their nicknames Olunji. Amolo and Lupita both have the same number of siblings. Most of all Amolo is the ancient version of Amondi. It is indeed surreal coincidence if not a reincarnation of Nyikal and Amolo.

6. Ndolo Ayah- Businessman, Politician; member of Parliament (Kisumu rural), Cabinet Minister; Minister for Foreign Affairs

7. Wycliffe Adonija Onyango Ayoki - Politician, Businessman; Former Member of Parliament representing Kisumu rural.

8. Dr. Nyikal MP-(Kadipir) Medic, Businessman, politician; Director Medical Services; MP for Kisumu Rural.

9. John Cods (Kombam)- the first expatriate from the South to work in the UK. After serving several capacities in Corporate executive capacity including British African Tobacco, East Africa (BAT EA) John Cods applied for a top managerial position based in London. And in an act reminiscent of Seme heroes John cannibalised his last name to Cods to beat racism and colonialism in one go and landed the job in London.

10. Gor Seme Lang’o- public administrator; Youth Development and enterprise Fund chairman; Chairman Reunion Football club.

11. Aineah Otiu Achola -Businessman Income Tax expert CAP 54- pioneer chartered accountant. Sessional author of income Tax Act CAP that recognised the pound as a Kenya currency unit.

12. Godfrey Odongo Achola- Businessman Chartered Accountant, Corporate Tax Planner based in Kisumu.

13. Esther Atieno Osur- Law Enforcement, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffics Controls).

14. Nick Onyango- Trained Diplomat, Kenyan head of mission to Canada, Belgium Zaire among others.

15. Hellen Ajwalla- Corrections enforcement - Chief Probation Officer

16. George Omondi Okongo -Finance Minister County Government of Kisumu.

17. Dr Jack Nyabundi- Medic Businessman; Philanthropist

18. Prof. Julius Omondi Nyabundi- Academia; VC Maseno University

19. Elizabeth Akinyi-Media; Broadcaster at VoK now KBC. Mother to top football stars’ veteran and Kenya hero Charles Ochieng and Moses Salimu Omondi of Luo Union; Great maternal grandmother to World Cup and European football star Divock Origi of Belgium and Liverpool.

20. Ambrose Weda, prominent lawyer; Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

21. Elizabeth Meyo- Commissioner of Tax (KRA)

22. Denis Oliech- professional Footballer

23. Leonard Omedo - Musician, Front runner to modern Benga with Metric Jazz Band. Took Benga to Nairobi circuits by performing in the uncharted urban clubs like Hallians, New Avenue and Bird Cage. Composer of the ever green hit song Oguk Eddy of 1974.

24. George Kembo - Benga Musician, second generation Benga bassist with George Ramogi. Later led his band Kit Mikayi Band. Composer of the incomparable Affline the Pretty and Anorlda Jackie

25. Bob Ogola- Football Star: Winner of Kenya National Football league. 2-Time winner of East and Central Challenge cup. 3- time Winner of Senior Challenge cup, East and Central Africa; Silver medallist 4th All Africa Games..

26. Ochoro Ayoki- Technocrat brother to Onyango Ayoki, Husband to Kenya Polytechnic Dean of students Lynn Ochoro Ayoki.

27. Dr Richard Ndolo Ayah- Businessman.

28. Michael Auka Ojwang’ -Hotelier, proprietor Hideout Riviera.

29. Geoffrey Kodilla- Luo Elder; Member of the Council of Luo Elders of Kenya

30. Thomas Odongo- Public Services Manager; MD Kisumu Water and Sanitation Company Ltd (KISWASCO)

31. Prof. Yambo- Medic, Businessman.

32. George Walter Okalo -former Mayor.

33. Col Apolo Aloka- Military service Kenya Air force airman.

34. Onyango Obiero- Businessman, Financial Engineering expert (Wealth management) Golf sports enthusiast; Philanthropist.

35. Lady Maureen- Musician; Benga and Ohangla genre of Luo music

36. Joseph Jangima - Graphics Engineer Publisher.

37. Hon Sunday Ogosi- prodigy Football star Reunion FC.

38. Mildred Akinyi Awiti- Supermodel, Fashion expert and sole proprietor of Modelling and Marketing company.

39. Oyando Ouma E G - Academia, Philanthropist; Linguist, Historian; Pan Africanist

40. Oby Obyerodhyambo, -scholar and activist.

41. Hon Sally Okudo- Politician, Public governance.

42. Dommie Yambo-Odotte; INGO Technocrat, Philanthropist, Community organiser.

43. Isis Nyong'o Madison. Media and Technology entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Community Organiser; CEO Asphalt and Ink, CEO Mumsvillage Health network for women.

44. Seth Okumu Businessman.

45. Daniel Olwandha Business man, philanthropist, community organiser; Entrepreneur and co director SANGONET AGENCIES.

46. Delilah Matthews- Sports administrator, National Netball star.

47. Nicholas Omondi wuoyi-matin, broadcaster Dala FM

48. George Ogal- Computer Marketting manager; Secretary Reunion FC/ Luo United FC.

49. King Kaka a.k.a. Rabbit, highlife musician

50. Antony Okonji, communication and media specialist

51. Christabel Agik-INGO Technocrat

52. Lydia Omolo- Pioneer supermodel. The face of Rexona soap in the 1976-70s.

53. Susan Mudhune-

54. Julius Owino a.k.a. Maji Maji, musical artist and CEO Ghetto Radio

55. Maurice Ouma Gor Striker- Football star; 3-time winner of Kenya National Football league

56. Maurice Ochieng Sonyi- Football Star; 3-time winner of Kenya National Football league; Winner of the East and Central Africa Challenge cup.

57. Gabriel Oguda- Nation newspaper columnist (journalist)

58. Sammy Owino Kempes- Football Star Winner of Kenya National Football league. 2-Time winner of East and Central Challenge cup; Winner of East and Central Africa Africa Senior Cup. LUO Union FC and Gor Mahia FC

59. Bob Ogola- Football Star: Winner of Kenya National Football league. 2-Time winner of East and Central Challenge cup. 3- time Winner of Senior Challenge cup, East and Central Africa; Silver medallist 4th All Africa Games.

60. Henry Ohanga aka Octopizzo, award-winning hip-hop/rap artiste. Composer of the internationally acclaimed Bank Otuch (gini alando pile pile donge uwinja)

61. Okumu Dinga-

62. Prof Mauri Yambo -

63. Brigadier Odongo- Populist and anti establishment campaigner

64. Zachary Oguda- Sports author, philanthropist. Author of Away from Victory.

65. Henry Juma- Public Services Manager- Acting Director , Siaya County.

66.Victor Ayoki- Businessman and Philanthropist Kisumu.

67. Professor Achola Ndinya- Businessman, Medic; Philanthropist

68.Bernard Otieno- Sports journalist; Supersport, Canal France International

69. George Rae (Kolunje). Medic. Public Health Specialist with INGO

70.Sn Chief Phillip Onyango Oiro- Public Administration

71.Bishop Mwai Abiero- Prelate; Bishop of Maseno West of the Anglican Church.

72.Adv Ombima Ong'ele- Businessman;

73.Edward Oguk, Certified Public Accountant; INGO technocrat; Care Kenya.

74.Samwel Ogada (aka omin Amadi) (Jakobila)- Businessman; Fabrics Dressler and Tailoring.

75. Professor Shem Migot- Adhola (Kadero)- Academia, Technocrat; Presidential commission of Moi Dream Team

76.Albert Wycliffe Ochung'- Educationist- CEO, East African Examinations Council

77. Daudi Otwal (aka, dag shillings, siling' pukore oko), (Kasimori)- Philanthropist, community organizer

78. Yuko Otange- Educationist, community organiser, Philanthropist

79.Leonard Ochar Business man.

80.Prof Odhiambo Aduol- academia; Public Services Manager; Principal of School of Engineering of Nairobi University; Vice Chancellor Technical University of Kenya.

81.Charles Omondi Otondi (aka Loketo). Football player; prodigy Football star Reunion FC/ Luo Union Football club

82.Oluga Onyango, Public Services Management; MD Muhoroni Sugar Company, Manager National Bank of Kenya

83.Francis Otieno Pala- Public Management Services; Head of Kenya Library Services

84.Professor Acholla Pala- Academia

85.Dr Omondi Nyong'o- Businessman, US based practice. Philanthropist, co director at Mumsvillage.

86. Prof. Tavia Nyong'o- Academia, Author, Cultural historian; teaches African American studies and Theatre and Performance Studies at Yale University.

87. Steve Okumu- Football player; Tusker FC. -Winner of Kenya National Football League.

88.Chief Apondi- Public Administrator, Seme Central.







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