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Updated: Mar 24, 2022


Verse 1: And so it came to pass that in about 1250 years ago, Sin Kuru also known as Kuku Lubanga and his 12 wives begot some three sons, Lioleituk Dyang’, Odongo Pok Boni and Opiyo Podho Koma.

Verse 2: From the house of Opiyo Podho Koma, Ringruok (1245) begot Owat (1274).

Verse 3: And Owat begot Twaifo (1303).

Verse 4: Twaifo begot Jok I (1332).

Verse 5: And then it came to pass that Jok I begot 3 sons Nayo (1361), Omolo (1363) and Owiny (1366).

Verse 6: And Nayo begot Jok II (1390).

Verse 7: Jok II begot Ramogi I (1419).

Verse 8: And Ramogi I begot Aruwa (1448) and another son Podho II (1450) that he named after his ancestor Podho.

Verse 9: And from the house of Podho II came Ramogi II (1469), Lang’ni (1471), Okombo (1473), Omia (1475), Didang’ (1477), Miwiru (1479) and Olak (1481).

Verse 10: And so it came to pass that Ramogi II begot, Adhola, Nyaluo (1498), Ramogi Ajwang’ (1500) and Mongra (1502).

Verse 11: And Ramogi Ajwang’ begot Omolo (1529) and Ochielo (1531).

Verse 12: And Ochielo begot Ragam (1560) and step brothers GEM (1562), two planting seasons later.

Verse 13: And it came to pass that at Got Ramogi, under the household Ochielo son of Ramogi Ajwang’ lived Nyangun and adopted son of Ochielo.

Verse 14: And Ragem had inherited his mother nyiek min gi and begot Ugenya son of Ochielo .

Verse 15: And Nyangun hosted an estranged woman, Magungu.

Verse 16: And Nyangun had a union with the estranged woman, Magungu and begot Nyalwala.

Verse 17: Magungu re-named the child Ochia in the memory her late son with the estranged husband as she was but Ogogo.

Verse 18: And Ochia lineage became known as joka Ogogo or jokasgogo as they were not considered Gem lineage.

Verse 19: And Ochia begot four sons, Aura, Anam, Amenya and Ramul.

Verse 20: And Ochia joined the trek of Kanyada son of first cousin Ugenya and Khan of Alego through Uyoma to wade across the ankle length waters to the southern side of the lake.

Verse 21: And once across the lake Ochia and family engaged Rachuanyo clans in skirmishes for their present corner of the lake.

Verse 22: And once settled the Ochia sons settled with their families.

Verse 23: Aura begot 4 sons, Nyideu, Omolo and Mingusa

Verse 24: Anam begot Olal, Omolo Adhuola and Nyandiek

Verse 25: Amenya begot Orwa, Nyasuda, Otie, Onditi and Ngwenga

Verse 26: And Ramul begot two sons Owili and Orayo.

Verse 27: And the two Ramul sons married twin sisters.

Verse 28: And the two sisters begot Odeyo (Owino), Okoth, Nyanjwa, Omito Akama, Omond and Aduk.

Verse 29: And because of their blood lines a marriage between descendants of Gem and Ochia is incest.

Verse 30: And it came to pass that one of the selfless givers, Chweya Rarek ma ja Kochia, and illustrous descendants of Ramogi Ajwang' arose from the house of estranged Magungu, the Nyasgogo (ogogo). And the riddle of ng'at ma onyuol ok dhier, was born.



1. Prof PIUS BEN JOSEPH OUMA MUGA, EGH, “Bend Aburu”, impossibly Intelligent: Scholar, Academia, Researcher, Un Technocrat; Professor of Fluvial Geomorphology, Cabinet Minister, member of Parliament, Makerere University of East Africa

2. DR ODHIAMBO MBAI: Academia, Popular Politician

3. Hon. Aloice Achieng’: Popular politician; member of Parliament

4. Ngala Abok: Career Choral Musician; Band leader, National Music Band.

5. Joel Anayo: Educationist, televangelist, Artist; Gospel singer

6. Dan Okundi: Corporate Businessman, Investor; Oil Refineries

7. Dr Jacktone Ogeno: Academia; Kenyatta University

8. Obonyo Nayo, Public administrator; Administrative Chief

9. Hon Engineer, Philip Okoth Okundi: Public services Manager, Technocrat, Popular politician; MD Kenya Posts and telecommunications, Kenya Ports Authority,

10. Elly Onuko Otondi: Community Organisor

11. Everest Otieno Okambo: Corporate Manager, Technorat, Public governance. Legislator, politician.

12. Odawo Nyidho : INGO Technocrat, Community Organiser,

13. Martha Ndege : Medic, Community Organiser,

14. Betty Ogeno : Academia, Community Organiser,

15. Paul Akuonga : Corporate Executive, Community Organiser

16. Raphael Nyamusi Njira : Community Organiser

17. CHWEYA RAREK MA JA KOCHIA : Philanthropist, Community Organiser,

18. Juliana Awuor NyaAnyango : Philanthropist, Community Organiser

16. Raphael Nyamusi Njira : Community Organiser

16. Tom Odhiambo Simbi : Community Organiser, Technocrat, Public Services Manager; Career Water Engineer, Migori

16. Adrian Onyando : Educationist, Community Organiser, Philanthropist, Public Services Manager




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