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Verse 1: And it came to pass that after Owidi and his family steeled in the present day Samia land of Western province. And Owidi came to love his rolling plains so much he named the land Kisumo (no relationship with later day Port Florence, much later re named Kisumu or Kisumu City).

Verse 2: And it is these ruins that Owidi’S body was laid to rest in a wide ranch, a hike from what is now Ugenya's Boro-Kisumo next to Bumala on the outskirts of Busia/ Sega highway in an area sometimes called by the clan in the area as Ugenya's Boro-Nango. And due to proximity, this Ugenya Boro borrowed the name from Mr Owidi palatial settlements or was an outpost for ancestor Owidi.

Verse 3: And Owidi was survived by 7 wives, namely Menya of Kaksero clan; Dede and Achola of Sakwa Kowak clan; Onganga and Akech of Alego KaUgag; Waranja from Kanyidoto clan and Nyadiero.

Verse 4: And it came to pass that Kowidi people now known by their geographical location as Kisumo clan was weakened by the death of a senior general from the neighbouring clan partner in battle. And jo Kisumo migrated to present day Alego Muer.

Verse 5: And while here they were frogmarched by a joint battalion of Gem and Alego clans up to Asembo Ramba where they even built a home named Lwak K’oracha which gave rise to the present Lwak as we know it.

Verse 6: And it came to pass that after a while Kisumo moved to new grounds in now Gem clan lands to set new home. And by this time Gem was a beaten clan by warriors of Alego clan. And they made several overtures to Otiende the elder of Kisumo to befriend them, but Otiende could sense Gem clan’s mischief and he immediately and firmly spurned the hand of friendship of Gem Elder Rading’ Omolo. And two more times Rading’ Omolo tried to snare Otiende and two times Otiende rejected the overtures.

Verse 7: And when Elder Rading’ Omolo passed on the succeeding Gem Elder Odera Rangire engaged series of battles fortified by nearby Bantu against Kisumo clan.

Verse 8: And after three salvos Kisumo were driven to Uyoma settlement. After the second salvo Kisumo warriors had crossed the river Yala and fortified their frontier with thorny twigs of Alak tar and Pedo.

Verse 9: And Gem sensing defeat camped their military wing at a place later to be called Akala centre. And they proceeded to fashion military sandals called akala to enable them wade through the thorny hurdles and drive out Kisumo people in the their 3rd and final salvo.

Verse 10: And after a long detailed plan, Kisumo were able to rebel against Gem and drove them back and some scattered to present day Gem Rae in Nyakach area.

Verse 11: And in frog marching Gem warriors, Kisumo warriors were joined by Kajulu warriors but in time Kajulu warriors reneged and moved to settle alone. And Kisumo settled in Tieng're and Usoma. And this is where Oraro was felled. This now became the lands of legendry and unforgettable warrior Okore Chieng' wuod Ogonda, Otiende Lwoch wuod Akoko.

Verse 12: Kisumo warriors then turned focus to the few Nyag’ori Kalenjins there and engaged them in guerrilla and war of stealth to drive them away from the area now known as Korando. And this new fighting style was very unconventional but effective in keeping away the Kalenjins with their long shooting arrows. And Kisumu warriors planned an offensive to capture Nyahera. And then Koranda sub clan evicted Nyang'ori from the lands hence knwon as Lwanda. And then Kisumo warriors opened offensive at the cold Chulaimbo. And up until in their present settlements, Kisumo warred with Nyang'ori, Maragoli, Seme, Kajulu and Gem (3 offensives).

Verse 13: Legendry Field Marshall Okore Chieng' wod Ogonda retired from all frontline combat after a close encounter with Maragoli strongman Obat Athung'a whose kamikaze spear went through Okore's shield and Okore fell sprawled on the ground. And fortunately for Okore Chieng' wuod Ogonda, he had battle field side man Agalo Koriedo and Akong'o Chienye to fend of Obat Athung'a from snuffing off his life.

Verse 14: And Kisumo clan became a haven of peace where other clans were received when running away from harm’s way. And it is in this haven of peace that Kisumo received a beaten Kajulu clan in their ill-advised war with fortified Kano warriors combined with Sidho men and their horrific witchcraft that made made opposing warriors belly balloon to death.

Verse 15: And Kisumo warriors massively pillaged Kajulu beaten clan leaving them with nothing and using that wealth to fortify their clan and discourage Kajulu from trying any retaliation.

Verse 16: And when Kajulu leader tried to engage a military medicine man, Kisumo leaders used Ombetre (espionage) network to waylay the mercenary, intoxicated him with alcohol and convinced him to change sides and work against Kajulu instead

Verse 17: And based on renewed strength buoyed by wealth extorted from Kajulu clan in flight and Ombetre (espionage) network in every influential neighbours home, Kisumo clan lived in peace and was able to receive other peoples running away from harm’s way.

Verse 18: The Kawamundhe sub- clan from Kano clan, Kanyamedha sub clan from Nyakach clan, the Kanyakwar from Alego clan, Katuk sub clan from Nyakach- Agoro clan.

Verse 19: And in the house of grandson Kamung', Awino son of Achola was nicknamed Puonja which became sub clan Kapuonja. The riddle of the nickname came from owad-gi-mar-has (maternal cousin in Kano clan) who refused to give him back his cattle to facilitate his bride price. And Awino concluded that, that was a lesson well delivered by cousin Omwa of Kano kobura. And from that moment whenever he was wronged he would say "an ioponja-a puonja" (I have been taught a lesson). And that is how his nickname stuck. And the nickname became the name of the sub clan of Kisumo Kapuonja.



1. OWIDI THE ANCESTOR: He renamed the clan and resettled the clan in fertile area where he built a large polygamous family of seven wives. He introduced the clan values of safety in numbers (polygamy).

2. Otiende: Peace-making leader of Kisumo. He was wise and could sense danger. He outwitted Rading’ of Gem clan on several occasions.

3. Okore Chieng' wuod Ogonda: Unforgettable legendary Kisumo clan warrior who led in many key battles against Nyang'ori and Maragoli to secure, Nyahera, ChulaImbo and Nyahera. Okore Chieng' retired after a scare from Maragoli warrior named Obat. Sadly enough when ritually mourning Otiende who was speared by Jaber of Seme when the spear went right through Otiende's agape mouth, a grieving Okore Chieng' wandered deep into enemy territory when beating back Nyang'ori and Kajulu warriors and was killed by ramodhe (sniper).

4. Obiero Otiende: Martial leader and is credited will victory of the Nyang’ori tribesmen.

5. Ogada Otiende: He waylaid the martial mercenary doctor imported by Kajulu clan and turned him against Kajulu clan to gain victory and evict Kajulu for good until colonial administrator Bwana Hobley repatriated them to their present home from scattered diaspora.

6. Joel Omino: Paramount chief during colonial times. Father of Cabinet minister and Football star Joab Omino.

7. Dr Robert Ouko: Trained diplomat, Public governance; Kenyan Minister in East African Community; East African High Commission; Minister in Republic of Kenya; member of Parliament. Influential African foreign affairs minister who was slain by unknown people after being humiliated by the Moi Government. His tortured remains were then moved by chopper from Nakuru statehouse of the Kenya government and dropped near his upcountry home. His crime not clearly stated. Novelist John Le Carre in his poorly disguised novel and block buster movie (The Constant Gardener), suggests the feud to be the improperly manufactured drug against holocaust that was to be falsely drip fed on unsuspecting Nyanza Luo who would die like like flies while somebody in the government made money.

8. Job Omino: Public Services Management, Politician; Minister, Member of Parliament, Permanent Secretary, Head of National Football governance; Former football player for Luo Union; Harambee Stars and Uganda Cranes; 2-time winner of Gossage cup- fore runner to East and Central Challenge cup. Winner of National League with Luo Union FC

9. Justice Joyce Majiwa: Judge of the High Court of Kenya

10. His Worship Ondu: Civic politician;

11. Engineer Rosemary Oduor: Managing Director and CEO Kenya Power Ltd.

12. Dr Ronald Omino: Medic, Businessman

13. Richard Ndonga’: Businessman, Philanthropist

14. Fred Umara: Footballer; Businessman; Player of Ramogi FC and Reunion FC

15. Prof Simeon Hongo Ominde: Academia, Author; Geographer; Author of many books.

16. Hamisi Shamba- Footballer; Harambee Stars midfielder; Gor Mahia Coach Player; 1-Winner of Kenya National Football league; 2-time winner of East and Central Africa Challenge Cup;

17. John Olago Aluoch: Lawyer, Businessman and Politician; second term member of Parliament. (LOST TO ALEGO KOGELO)

18. Andrew Obunga- Obung’-singh: Footballer; Harambee Stars midfielder; Gor Mahia FC and ReUnion FC Player; 2-time Winner of Kenya National Football league; 2-time winner of East and Central Africa Challenge Cup

19. Akinyi Oile: Politician; Public Governance; Combative grassroots politician, greatly admired by Baghdad Boys Football club of Kisumu, Mayor of Kisumu

20. Osir Ogonda: Politician; National party operatives’ grassroots campaigner

21. Florence Simbiri- Jaoko: Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Academia, INGO Technocrat; Principal Deputy Registrar High Court of Kenya, Lecturer University of Nairobi, Special Envoy GANHRI, NHRIs, KNCHR

22. Maurice Seda: Public Administration; Civil servant; brother of slain foreign affairs minister, Dr Robert Ouko.

23. Barrack Mbaja: Public Administration; Civil servant; brother of slain foreign affairs minister, Dr Robert Ouko

24. Henry A. Otura: Aviator; Kenya Airways; Chief Passer.

25. Owen Nandi: Football Player; Winner of National Football league, Gor Mahia FC

26. Amos Nandi: Football Player, Football administration; Gor Mahia FC; Team manager

27. Emily Ominde: Magistrate of the courts of Kenya and a member of the Commission

28. Bob Madhanji: Public administration; Protocol to Kisumu Governor

29. Tony Nyadundo: Businessman; Ohangla artist; Composer, performer and guitarist.

30. George Anyonga: Public Administration; C/O Kisumu County government.

31. Kasera Cephas: Public governance; Chief Finance Officer, Kisumu County government.

32. Gordon Okumu Wayumba: Quantity Surveyor; Businessman.

33. Prof Oliech: Public Administration; Director of Medical Services.

34. George Nyaoro: Businessman, Philanthropist and community organiser

35. Julius Odera; International Hockey star, Coach; Trainer of Inter Capitale Ladies Hockey team.

36. Toni Suji Ondik: International Cricket Star; Member of 1999, 2003 and 2007 Cricket World Cup squad, Aga Khan Sports Club’ also played for Western Chiefs Cricket club; ODI (Cap 15).

37. Joseph Alaii: Farmer and Businessman, Politician; Grass roots political party activist.

38. Patrick Angugo: Businessman, Utalii trained; Tour and Leisure operator.

39. Douglas Nyerere: International Hockey player; Son of International Hockey star Julius Odera and Hockey and Track and International Hockey star Hellen Chemtai.

40. Martin Armon Suji: International Cricket Star, Coach; One day Internationals from 1996-2006. Member of 1999 and 2003 Cricket World Cup squad;1990,1994 and 1997 ICC Trophies; Played for Ugandan teams; Assistant Coach of the Kenya National team; Coach of Rwanda National team encompassing the Twenty20 Africa Qualifier Eastern Sub region tournament.

41.Erastus K Omolo: Businessman; Certified Public Accountant; Top INGO agency.

42. George Odinga Oraro SC: Mediator and Arbitrator; Honorary Consul Republic of Lithuania to Kenya

43 Francis Oduor: Football player; Harambee and AFC leopards right wingback. Winner of East and Central Africa Challenge cup (Clubs), 5 time winner of the Kenya National Football League. 3- time winner of the National Challenge cup. He also played with Posta Football Club.

44. Owuondo son of Otiende: He vacated the office due to poor health and was admired for his statesmanship.

45. Jack Nyadundo: Businessman; Ohangla artist; Composer, performer and guitarist.

46. Rose Nyamunga: Politician; Kisumu Senator, Kisumu 1st Women representative.

47. Gladys Ndeda: Judiciary; Principal Magistrate.

48. David Okeyo: Athletics Administration; Long service secretariat of Kenya Amateur Athletics Association (KAAA), Member of International Amateur, Athletics Federation (IAAF).

49. Eric Oketch Hongo: Educationist, Trade Unionist, Music promoter; A member of Kenya National Union of Teachers secretariat; Music promoter.

50. Maxwell Ombogo: Lawyer, Businessman, Philanthropist; Patron Gor Mahia FC.

51. Francis Wasuna: Lawyer, Businessman, Philanthropist.

52. Nicholas R. O. Ombija: Lawyer, Businessman, Philanthropist.

53. Duncan Ogore: Lawyer, Businessman, Philanthropist.

54. Willis Otondi: Public Administration; District Officer

55. Andrew Agwanda Owuor: Public Services Management Philanthropist, Community Organiser; Provincial Land Adjudication Officer; Chair of BOG of Nyahera Health centre

56. Daniel Ishmael Ayieko Olilo: Philanthropist, Community organiser, INGO Technocrat.

57. Samuel Onyando; Public Services Manager, Community Organiser and practising farmer.





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