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Verse 1: And so it came to pass that Rachuonyo was born around Got Ramogi to one Jok III. The earlier ancestor Jok II the father of Ramogi who is the father of Podho II who is the father of Ramogi Ajwang’ did not see the plush lakeside hills and therefore could not have fathered Rachuonyo.

Verse 2: And Rachuonyo at a young age took flight after one of his brethren had mysteriously killed their father imagining in terror that Jok III to be a huge elephant.

Verse 3: And as horrified brethren Chwanya Rakwar, Omwa and Rachuonyo took flight, the spear dispatcher Nyasgenga also ran away never to be seen again on this earth.

Verse 4: And a wandering Rachuonyo was later snared by old man Chieno who fostered him then gave him Omieri, the old man’s wife who was thought to be barren but was raliel (vaginismus).

Verse 5: And when Chino died the clan tried to take Omieri from foster wandering child, now man, Rachuonyo as is the Luo ritual.

Verse 6: And it came to pass that the first foster brother to claim her, Ojal suffered the fate of raliel on entering her and could not untangle himself from Omieri. And Rachuonyo feeling sorry for his tormentor in chief, inserted a soft banana next door to trigger Ojal release.

Verse 7: And after watching an agonising, bleating, sweat-drained, trapped Ojal bleating in agony, the other Rachuonyo foster brethren were terrified and horrified of Omieri and left her to Rachuonyo.

Verse 8: And Rachuonyo managed to succeed in impregnating Omieri and they begot a son Sipul named after his hunting dog because Rachuonyo was a great hunter.

Verse 9: And Rachuonyo proposed to take a second wife Owaga. And Owaga scorned Rachuonyo because he was circumcised and wanted Rachuonyo to be have his six lower teeth removed to prove a Luoness circumcision. And some imagined that typical to form Rachuonyo once again fled for good for he was not a Luo.

Verse 10: And in another mystery Rachuonyo came back and proved that he was not circumcised and removed the six lower teeth as per Luo rituals.

Verse 11: And Rachuonyo then took a third wife Nyajuok and had other children also.

Verse 12: And Rachuonyo also married Awuma as fourth wife. And wicked Awuma sexually abused Rachuonyo by tricking him to copulate with the housemaid imagining that it was Awuma. And when Rachuonyo discovered this after Adwet the housemaid conceived a son, he refused to ritually build a house for Adwet as a fifth wife.

Verse 13: And Rachuonyo snatched Chepchoge from his sons to marry as sixth wife because Chepchoge’s people would give his lineage a martial heritage. And the clan was bemused at Rachuonyo’s pursuit of Chepchoge. And Chepchoge also bore Rachuonyo children. And Rachuonyo developed a mysterious and powerful love for Chepchoge son Anam

Verse 14: And the mysterious Rachuonyo married another wife but did not consume the marriage. And as is traditional the sons inherited the wife Nyakila the way he, Rachuonyo had inherited Omieri from Chien his foster father.

Verse 15: And it came to pass that as the sons of Rachuonyo partied and made merry an older woman seer came to warn of the impending Tsunami on the lake and the waters will rise beyond what they had waded at knee length from Got Ramogi to these new present settlements in Milambo.

Verse 16: And the merry making party were not aware that they were settled on the catchment of sleeping volcano. And the lake waters later rose like Tsunami and swallowed the merry making team. And the rest of the lake waters broke banks to fill the foot crossing water- level on the lake.

Verse 17: And all was left was geyser vents, at Kakdhimu hot springs and a small lake bearing the legend of Simbi Nyaima.

Verse 18: And nobody can today imagine that Rachuonyo family waded across knee length lake to present lands in milambo then, just like the residents of Simbi village by then did not imagine that the lake water Tsunami will rise over land and the lake will no longer be crossed by wading.



West Karachuonyo

  • · Kanjira,

  • · Kanam,

  • · Kakdhimu,

  • · Kauma,

  • · Kokoth,

  • · Kanyipir,

East Karachuonyo

  • · Kobuya,

  • · Kobala,

  • · Kogweno,

  • · Kajiei,

  • · Karabondi,

  • · Kamser(Seka),

Central Karachuonyo

  • · Kotieno,

  • · Konyango,

  • · kakwajuok,

  • · Kanyadhiang’

  • · Kogweno,

  • · Kamser (Alego/Lieta),

  • · Nyakongo


  • · Kobila,

  • · Kowuor,

  • · Kamenya,

  • · Kamolo,

  • · Komwoyo



1. Paul Mboya, Ker, Luo spiritual leader, Chairman Luo Union East Africa, Author of Luo Kitgi gi Timbe gi.

2. Samwel Onyango Ayodo, Teacher, politician, MP Kasipul Kabondo 1963-1969, 1974-1983; Cabinet Minister (Tourism and Wildlife).

3. James Ezekiel Mbori Yogo. Politician, MP (Kasipul- Kabondo), Former Assistant Minister.

4. William Otula, Politician, MP(Kasipul-Kabondo)

5. Peter Owidi, Politician, MP(Kaispul-Kabondo)

6. Patrick Ahenda, Politician, MP(Kasipul-Kabondo)

7. Joseph Oyugi Magwanga, MP (Kasipul –Kabondo)

8. Elijah Omolo Agar(Kanyipir), Politician, MP(Karachuonyo)

9. David Okiki Amayo, Politician, MP(Karachuonyo)

10.Dr Paul Adhu Awiti, Businessman, Politician, MP(Karachuonyo)

11.James Kwanya Rege, Politician, MP(Karachuonyo)

12. Haggai Obong’o Koyier, Former CEO HZ and co; Politician, party activist; Community organizer, Chairman- General LUO Union FC, LUO Rangers FC, HZ and Co Football club

13.Daniel Ojijo Oteko, Anti Colonialist, Trade Unionist (Kavirondo Tax Payers Association), World War I reparation/compensation campaigner; Trained Telegraphic technician/anti espionage detector.

14.Professor Washington Yotto Ochieng, Academia, London Imperial College, UK. Faculty Head, (Prescribed the transport system for London's 15 million commuters)

15.Joy Mboya, Culture and Arts promoter, Government appointee to Performing Arts, INGO executive, CEO, Godown (Performing & Visual Arts Centre)

16.Ruth Bolo- Business woman, CEO Tour de Belle Afrique, activist, Community Organizer, (YDUA), Lobbyist, Civil Society advocacy, Third Sector Campaigner.

17.Debora Ongewe, Public Administrator, permanent Secretary

18.Phoebe Ayoma, Law Enforcement, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police.

19. Mrs Prof Margret Odera Oruka, Academia, lecturer UON

20. Mrs Mary Awuor, Law Enforcement, Senior Assistant Commissioner of police. Head Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Training school

21. Mrs Elga Ogalo, Corrections and rehabilitations expert, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Prisons

22. Dr Merina Gondi, Business woman and practising physician

23. Catherine Mboya, Technocrat. INGO supremo, World Bank Executive

24. George Ogembo, Civil Engineer, Luton, London UK

25. Dr. Robert Okello Arunga- Technocrat, CEO Kenya Industrial Research Institute (KIRDI), Community organiser, Chairman Gor Mahia Football Club

26. Ambassador Dave Arunga- Diplomat, Career envoy, political aspirant. Ambassador to the UN, Envoy to leading western stations of Bonn, Paris, London Washington

27.Ambassador Lazarus Amayo- trained, diplomat, MP, Cabinet Minister.

28. Daniel Owino, Company executive, entrepreneur, Kenya Breweries Ltd, East African Breweries Ltd.

29.John Omo, - Trade unionist, Telecommunications expat, Secretary General of African Telecommunications Union(ATU), Director for Legal Services at Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK)

30.Benjamin Njoga- Career law enforcement. Kenya Prisons Commandant.

31. John Ariwi, Academia, Lecturer Nairobi University

32. Prof Noah Midamba, Academia, KCA Vice Chancellor

33.Prof. Phanuel Oballa, Academia, Academia, KEFRI

34. Dr Hannington Gaya, Academia, Commerce and Business, Member of Kenya Institute of Management

35.Prof L O Gumbe, Academia Engineer, Member Kenya National Academy of Sciences

36. Prof Okidi, Academia, environmentalist

37. Dr Tryphosa Mitoko, Medic, Pharmaceutical Researcher

38.Prof Shem Oyoo Wandiga, Scientist, Kenya National Academy of Sciences, Pan African Committee of START, Director Institute of Climate Change

39. Prof Agong’ Gaya, (Kanyadhiang') Academia, Deputy Vice Chancellor Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology

40.Prof D Orinda, Researcher, Medic

41. Dr Ed Rege, Research Scientist, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

42. Dr Arunga, Researcher, Kenya Fisheries and Marine Research Institute.

43. Dan Owino, Food and Beverages Top Executive, Kenya Breweries Ltd, East African Breweries Ltd.

44. Chris Kopar, Chartered Accountant, Mombasa Municipal Council, Business man.

45. Joshua Obel, Technocrat, Chemist, US based

46. Ambassador, Rachuonyo Mboya, Career Envoy

47. Andrew Okoth Ang’iro, Disaster and Conflict Mitigation and resolution expert. Red Cross International,

48. Ochieng' Ogodo, Journalist, Sub Saharan Coordinator and Editor at Science Development

49. Martin Agumbi, Corporate Finance Expert, Kenya Roads Management

50. Sylvester Onyango Odieny (aka Onyango-Heavie), Career Boxer, Commonwealth Semi-finalist Light Heavy weight to New Zealand Games 1974.

51. Charles Ochieng’ Ayuke- Football player, Harambee Stars, Youth team, Luo Union FC and Reunion FC- Top scorer, East and Central Senior Challenge cup 1975; Top scorer East and Central Africa Challenge Cup 1975. Gold Medal winner East and Central Challenge cup 1975, Silver medal winner East and Central Challenge cup 1979. Gold Medal winner East Africa club Challenge cup 1976 and 1977. League winner Kenya National League 1975, Runners up Kenya National league 1979. National Challenge cup winner 1976.

52. Agonda Lukio, Football player, Harambee Stars, Luo Union FC, Re Union FC, Gold Medal winner East Africa club Challenge cup 1976, Top Scorer Challenge cup 1977, Runners up Kenya National League 1979,

53. Gideon Hamisi, Football player, Harambee Stars, Gold Medal winner East Africa club Challenge cup 1981, Gor Mahia Football Club

54. Omar Shabaan, Football player, Harambee Stars, Gold Medal winner East Africa club Challenge cup 1984. Kenya National Football League winner 1985- AFC leopards, Luo Union Football club

55. Maurice Odumbe, International cricket star, Aga Khan, Globe. World Cup Cricket Silver medallist and bronze medallist.

56. Jackson Biko(Bikozulu), blogger, columnist (south of the Sahara), author of short stories.

57. James Bango, Corporate Executive, KUSCCO Ltd

58. Carilus Ademba, Corporate Executive, SASRA Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation

59. Jaindi Kisero, Investigative and feature Journalist, Nation media Group

60. Ben Obura, INGO Technocrat, Lake Basin Authority

61.Phillip Kungu, Urban Planner, Business man, Otieno and Kung’u and Associates, Chairperson at Nairobi City County

62. George Ojijo, Benga Musician, composer, entertainer, composer (composed all-time hit Best Wishes to Conny).

63. Ezra Gumbe, Public Services Manager, Civic politician, Mayor, Kisumu

64. Olela Samosa, Former Football star, Luo Union FC, team Manager Gor Mahia FC

65. John T Ogweno, Educationist, First African Headmaster at Homa Bay School.

66. Odongo Acholla- envoy, Trade Attaché, career civil servant

67. Judge Designate late Harrison Ogweno Okeche

68.Ben Blasto Bulawayo, Academician, musician, composer (KBC track someni vijana).

69. Jos Kokeyo, Public Administrator, District Officer, musician

70. Professor Omolo Ongati, Academia, Maseno University, Musician, composer entertainer

71. Christopher Malit, Expatriate Technocrat, Diaspora Community organiser London, UK.

72. Zephania Malit, Public administrator, Ex paramount chief

73. Cyprian Awiti, Technocrat, INGO Executive, Politician, CEO Railway Training School, Governor Homa Bay County

74. Mbuya Akoko, US Trained Lawyer, protégé of Supreme Court judge Thurgood Marshall of USA (assassinated on arrival along Tom Mboya street)

75. Dr Pamela A. Otieno- Academia, Educationist and Public Services Manger, Kisumu Girls High School, D.C.C. Butula Sub- County

76. Engineer Krodah - Public Services Manager, CEO Siaya and Bondo Water and Sanitation company Ltd, ( SIBO)

77. Victor Odak Omala- Broadcaster, VoK, KBC

78. Esther Arunga- Barrister and solicitor; Television and Radio presenter

79. Professor Odhiambo- (KanyaLuo)-

80. Ben Okundi (Kanyadhiang')-Planning Economist, Business man, Partner Pricewaterhousecoopers

81 Dr Col Engineer Johnson Ododa AMISOM

82.Dancun Okello Oketch, Chief of Staff Judiciary, CEO Society for International Development, CEO Institute of Economic Affairs.

83. Silas McOpiyo, Deputy I.G. and Director of Planning, Kenya Police Service

84. Professors Martin Ogutu, Academia

85. Prof Ogola Anthony, Academia UoN

86. Prof Rabah Aroko, Academia UoN

87. Prof Zack Bolo Awino, Academia UoN

88.Calvin Odoyo Owidi, CEO Lake Basin Development Authority

89. William Odhiambo Okoth, CEO SITA

90.Aghan Odero Agan, Arts and Culture Management Consultant

91.Gordon Ondiek, Private Sector Executive, Chemelil SACCO Society, Board Member CIC Insurance Group

92. Col Rtd Ariko, -Aviation, Businessman, Piloting.

93. Fred Otieno, President, Marketing Society of Kenya

94.Milton Ongoro, Musician, Singer, Composer, Entertainer

95.Tobias Ochola "Jua Kali"- Football amateur Player, Gor Mahia FC, mercurial defender

96. "Dokta" Ochieng' Nelly- Benga Music maestro, Composer, singer, entertainer

97. Dr Onyango Ogembo- Water Engineer

98. Dr Walter Oricho Nyandega- Engineer

99. David Opar Taya (Karabondi)- Law enforcement, Senior Police commissioner, Community support, Chairman Gor Mahia FC

100.Remy Ogana (Karabondi)- Director of Kenya External Trade Agency and Chamber of Commerce and Industry

101.Philemon Donny Opar (Karabondi)- Financial Expert, Diplomat, Politician, CEC Roads and Infrastructure Homa Bay County

102. Michael Olunga- Engineer

103.James Bango - Formerly Chairman KUSCO, Community Organiser, Public Services Manager

104. Telo Ken Olejah- Football star Luo Union FC, Community Organiser, Sports administrator

105. Cheplin Ja Kotula- Benga Musician, artist, composer, singer, entertainer

106.Kassim-Owango- Architect, Business man, politician

107.Joyce Munga Olela- Author, research scientist

108. Isaiah Nyandega- Author, Environmentalist, Climatologist, Geographer, Academia, University of Nairobi

109.Professor Kiche Magak- academia, Vice Chancellor, Maasai Mara University

110.Okoth Omenda - Educationist, Philanthropist, Community Organiser, community social responsibility.

111.Jacob-Aliet- Academia, author (Strange Encounters)

112.Odiawo Nyandega- Community organiser, Football administration, President Luo Union East Africa, President Kenya Farmers Association FC

113.Joash Okoyo Pien- Philanthropist, Philosopher, Veterinarian, Animal Husbandry. (Moi- Raila Handshake convenor).

114.Dr Adhu Awiti- politician and Community Organiser, former cabinet minister (Planning and Economic Development)

115.Ker Riaga Ogallo-philanthropist, Luo Semi spiritual leader-(KER).

116.Mama Sarah Obama, Grandmother to president of the United States, Barack Obama.

117. Nyandiko Ongadi- philanthropist, community organiser; Luo Elder; Ker

118. Akinyi Opon- Tax Expert; political strategist

119. Humphrey Obel Nyanja (aka Guok-Okwalo-Nyoyo):-Bio Chemist, Corporate governance; Public services Manager





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