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Verse 1: And so it came to pass that in about 1250 years ago, Sin Kuru also known as Kuku

Lubanga and his 12 wives begot some three sons, Lioleituk Dyang’, Odongo Pok Boni and Opiyo Podho Koma.

Verse 2: From the house of Opiyo Podho Koma, Ringruok (1245) begot Owat (1274).

Verse 3: And Owat begot Twaifo (1303).

Verse 4: Twaifo begot Jok I (1332).

Verse 5: And then it came to pass that Jok I begot 3 sons Nayo (1361), Omolo (1363) and Owiny (1366).

Verse 6: And Nayo begot Jok II (1390).

Verse 7: Jok II begot Ramogi I (1419).

Verse 8: And Ramogi I begot Aruwa (1448) and another son Podho II (1450) that he named after his ancestor Podho.

Verse 9: And in the homestead of Ramogi I lived two assimilated brothers Bwayi and Apelo

Verse 10: And the two brothers were expert ranchers and veterinary medics

Verse 11: And Bwayi particularly was a renowned cattle whisperer

Verse 12: And Podho II took special liking to Bwayi because of his prowess

Verse 13: And Podho II included him in his entourage during the exodus.

Verse 14: And because Apelo suffered eczema he was identified by his wounds of Adhola.

Verse 15: And Bwayi and Apelo now Adhola joined the trek to the gulf area.

Verse 16: And at gulf waters Bwayi left Adhola and crossed the knee length waters in search of better grazing lands in milambo

Verse 17: And left alone, Adhola drifted into slavery just to subsist.

Verse 18: And it came to pass that Bwayi married Sirime.

Verse 19: And when Sirime passed on Bwayi married Midar.

Verse 20: And Bwayi begot Otuoma Randiek

Verse 21: And Otuoma begot six sons Sirime, Wanga, Achuth, Ogweno, Ombuoro, Ngare and Odondo.

Verse 22: And after a long period of nightmares, Otuoma consulted a physician

Verse 23: And the physician prophesized the tribulations of Adhola in servitude.

Verse 24: And Otuoma sought to free his uncle Adhola from servitude.

Verse 25: And it came to pass that Otuoma procured the services of a physician with mythical powers

Verse 26: And the physician cast a spell on a bull that crossed the waded across the lake and fetched Adhola from servitude.

Verse 27: And Adhola entered the homestead of Ogweno son of Otuoma during famine. And Ogweno household was not welcoming and they chased Adhola away. And Ogweno descendants were befell with sinohonoho (generational curse) of mahundu and mahino.

Verse 28: And Ojowi of Bwayi who had ample resources received Adhola and then allocated Adhola land to till.

Verse 29: And Adhola begot Onunga and Ndia the grumpy ojung’a

Verse 30: And Onunga begot Auma, Nyayandi and Diema



1. APELO (Adhola): The horticulture; Overcame slavery, rejection, eczema and pariah.

2. MAGISTRATE SOSPETER OGOT; lawyer; Magistrate

3. SENIOR CHIEF JOSEPH OTIENO OTENG’: Public Administrator, public governance, philanthropist.

4. Kung’a Odalo: Public governance, civic politician, philanthropist

5. Otiu Orowe: Philanthropist, Community Organiser, public trustee; Provincial Revenue Officer

6. Ong’ondo Loch: Philanthropist, Community Organiser

7. Paul Ogundo: Philanthropist, Community Organiser




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