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Updated: Aug 16, 2022


Verse 1: And so it came to pass that at Got Ramogi, a younger Imbo son of Jok was born. And Imbo begot Mumbo and Mumbo begot Muljwok and Muljwok begot Alego.

Verse 2: And Alego trekked to set a new home at Bungu Alego (or Alego ruins). And this is where the remains of Alego were finally laid.

Verse 3: And Alego was succeeded by his son Seje. And Seje people were dreaded for their use of supernatural and scientific voodoo. And this reputation of supreme talents earned all Alego clan the name of Tat Yien (The uttermost of Voodoo).

Verse 4: And Seje begot Achola, Aila, Loko, Dar and Dher-Konya who he begot with the wife of his brother in law. This is because the Denge daughter in law was widowed early. And the mother convinced her to remarry Seje so as to bring forth descendants. And Seje transformed Alego neighbourhood into a reception centre for all Luo new arrivals from Pubungu or elsewhere. And Seje’s only qualification to be given a permanent visa was for a new entrant to swear allegiance of loyalty and agreement to be an Alego person.

Verse 5: And several other non Alego descendants settled in Alego. And it came to pass that Alego as a transit point of reception centre became the melting pot of Nyanza.

Verse 6: And Kalenyjuok fondly known as nyajuok came from the Imbo clan and trekked together with sons of Ager to migrate into Alego land. And they were known as Kalenyjuok because they had disowned and burnt all their paraphernalia from the time since accusation and counter accusations caused endless vendetta in the family.

Verse 7: And Kanying’we joined Ager sons known as Amondi. And after they expanded some migrated to Asembo clan and are known as Kanying’wa in Asembo.

Verse 8: And Kanyiner who are the farmers of fresh water salmon are migrants from North Ugenya who came in to run away from harm’s way.

Verse 9: And Karuoth as Alego clan are Kisodhi descendants. The cluster includes descendants Kobura, Sigoma, Mahola, Uradi, Uranga, Ager, Ogelo and Omenya.

Verse 10: And Kamlagi clan after settling with Seje as a brother in law later split to send a wing to live in Gem as Mbare.

Verse 11: And in the cantankerous battles brought about by Ugenya Kager, some members of Ugenya Kager sought refuge in Alego and are known as JoUwal clan (separated).

Verse 12: And the Ugag clan coalesced from the maternal uncle of the strong man Owiny Sigoma.

Verse 14: And Songa sons, Sega, Sumba and Muhanda also settled in a place known as Usonga

Verse 15: And JouWihwa clans people were the original residents in the place now occupied by Ka Ugagi and they lived together in peace.

Verse 16: And Luo sub-clan in Alego are descendants of Luo son of Owuor Bwng’ jointly lived with Nyinek son of Imbo.

Verse 17: And Menya clan are descendants of Menya who had 3 sons, Ochieng’, Ng’ombe and Owuor. Ng’ombe migrated to South Nyanza as a splinter of Joka Menya while Ochieng’ was assimilated in Asembo as a Menya clan

Verse 18: And Nyanga sub Clan of Alego are descendants of Nyanga who begot Simogwe. And the family of Simogwe later begot Udoyi, Ombiyo, Nyamboya and Kisomba Oteng’.

Verse19: And Jo Ulafu clan are descendants of a son of Imbo who was received by Menya sub clan

Verse 20: And Alego-Umaji clan later formed the Umaji sub clan who later partly migrated to Masiro in Ugenya. They had migrated from Uhumadhi islands entered Ndenda islands. Fondly known as kochieng'

Verse 21: Alego-Uranga clan and Nyinek clan descended from cousins

Verse 22: Alego-Karapul are descendants of Kwena of Pwoyo. And they were invited to Alego by Jo Uyawa of Ugenya Kager who fled the skirmishes caused by the cantankerous KaGer of Ugenya. The name Rapul was coined from their advice on how to make the cattle cross the River when they were in flight.

Verse 23: And Alego-Kwena also lived with Jo-Uwaya in Alego. However, Kwena was estranged from the wife Akumu. And so the part of the family who stayed with wife Akumu are today known as joka’ Akumu while the part of the family who stayed with Kwena are known as joka Owich.

Verse 24: And in Alego lived some members of Bunyore Bantus who became the clans of Alego-JoUsere and Alego-Jo Uoswa(Uduny). They later left Alego and resettled in the current Bunyore area. And as Jo Usere had rain making prowess, Alego people pleaded with some members not to go away but stay back with them for environmental management.

Verse 25: And as other arrivals in Gem moved on so was the Gem clan under Rading’ Omolo but a clan of Gem now known as Jo-Umala remained as an Alego clan.

Verse 25: And Alego Kogwong’ clan lived with Seje forming a very brave military wing that helped drive away Gem clan away

Verse 26: And Alego Kogelo are descendants of Ogelo son of Kisodhi together with Ager. And so descendants of Ogelo and Ager don’t intermarry. And some descendants of Ogelo migrated to Kano clans (west) and Kisumo clans and to date do not intermarry.

Verse 27: And Alego-Mur (Nyamul)even though divided and widespread up to South Nyanza are still geographically grouped into 3 namely Mur Malanga, Mur Akoko and Mur Munywesi. And Mur are allowed to intermarry.

Verse 28: And Alego-Agoro split into JoUhayo and Jokanyiwuor. And Jo-Uhayo splinter migrated to Asembo where they are known as Omia while Jokanyiwuor migrated to Nyakach plains where they are known as Nyakach Agoro.

Verse 29. And it came to pass that that that in the Owiny Sigima court a lost child was plucked of a floating sudd on the delta of River Ndoya. And the young man grew to be very loyal but could not pronounce dilo kwes which was a foreign dialect to him. And as the natives called him to dilo kwes, he responded to something like likada. And that became the name of the royal court boy in charge of entertainment and refining implements for likada (shish or pot smoking for warriors) was assimilated as a separate clan Kalkada. And likada family became good at fishing too. And the assimilated likada clan never left the river delta where they are found to date.



1.ALEGO Legendry Alego ancestor whose name all Alego people in whatever mix bear was a grandson of Imbo. After the death of his father he crossed in to present day Alego and drove out the Kombe Kombe tribesmen in a do or die battle. He is best remembered for his assimilation policy that welcomed all Luo new emigrants and any peoples willing to live peacefully. He made Alego the Mecca of all Luo peoples so that even those who came via other routes like Matar son of Sakwa son of Kabaka III made a point of coming to Alego first before resettling elsewhere.

2.KISODHI- Son of Owiny, named his son after his father. His son became the dreaded Owiny Sigoma

3.SEJE- Seje son of Alego after succeeding his father stuck to his policy. It is Seje who welcomed most of the Luo arrival. He made Alego the reception centre. He is therefore remembered kindly for giving the descendent of Podho II a ‘mecca’. With his brother in law Denge (Kadenge) manning the reception centre and swearing in the new arrivals to Alego loyalty if they are non Luos, he made adaptation easy and provided ready made security

4.OWINY SIGOMA –Owiny succeeded his father Kisodhi and started his reign in Alego at a place now known by his name Sigoma. Owiny started very well but later developed a penchant for some of the most gruesome habits ever known in Luo land. Legend have it that the large population of hyenas in Alego are spirits of his subjects that Owiny ordered to be slaughtered to feed the hyenas at Got Renglingo. And folklore has it that such evil acts brought him many battles with the people around. He fled the flare up and lived in Manyala area.

After a while when things had settled and wounds healed he decided to come back but his clan and former subjects in Sigoma on hearing his grand entrance fled with all their wealth to leave Owiny a deserted ruins to reign over.

Owiny on discovering that all had fled, was so furious that he took his martial axe and struck jabul (the court jester) for over entertaining him so much that he lost his focus. He then dragged the body of the court jester to the hyena caves and fed his body to the hyenas.

5.NG’ONG’A ODIMA, Leader, Medic, philanthropist; Legendary general physician who reached mythical status but was indeed a real person. Grandfather to Diaspora Televangelist, Odima.

6.OWIRA-Owira who was from the fierce battle man living amongst Kager in in later day Nyang’oma ruins was a strong ruler but very strategic in thoughts. One time his cattle was rustled by some Ugenya people who left only bleating calves. Owira instead of mounting a hot pursuit released his warriors to take the bleating calves to Owiso the leader of this clan with the remarks, “wealth is for all, there is no need to lose the calves as well”. After the weaning period Owiso sent word for Owira to come collect his calves. But Owira sent word back, “Thank you but keep the calves as bride price and give me a girl to marry”.

And his subjects were turned at the manner of this Owira german. And so was Owiso the ruler also. “What kind of strong ruler is weak at the lure of a expansion of his Kingdom that he would lay a scheme running into years!”.

7.AMOTH OWIRA-Paramount Chief during colonial times and the transition to the Republic of Kenya. He was succeeded by Otin Amoth in the 1970's.

8. KHAN- Khan or Dar was a loyalist. He was the chief abattoir. When he was slighted that feeds on cows’ skull, he went and brought all the skulls he had kept in a granary to prove that he does not eat the skull. He then went his separate way, hence the new name kan (Jakano)

9.Opwapo- legendry medicine man.

10.Ogelo- legendry clan leader.

11. President Barrack Obama- Politician, Community Organiser, 44th President and the first black president of a modern democracy in 2008.

12.Cornel Rasanga Amoth - Public administrator, Politician; 1st Governor of Siaya County. Son of Paramount Chief Amoth Owira.

13.Mama Mary Juma Oginga- Mother of the Nation; Wife of the First Vice president of Kenya and opposition doyen. She is also the mother of the most illustrious Kenyan politician, Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga who is warmly remembered for new Kenya constitution, decentralisation of Kenya governance and wealth management into a semi-federal republic, eradication of one party systems, the public investment in road infrastructure, two-time pacification of Kenya and handholding of a generation of popular politicians

14.Nicodemus Daniel Odhiambo Arudhi- Football star- Luo Union FC Two-time gold medallist East and Central Africa club champion 1976 and 1977; runners up Continental cup winners cup 1979; 7-time National league winner. The greatest football player ever to grace the uniforms of Harambee stars.

15.John Rabuogi- Football star- Luo Union Football club, Two-time gold medallist East and Central Africa club champion 1976 and 1977; runners up Continental cup winners cup 1979; 7-time National league winner.

16.Luke Rarieya Obok- Politician, Community organiser; Member of Parliament 1963; 1966

17.Peter Okudo – Politician, Educationist, Community organiser; Member of Parliament 1969.


18. Hon Phoebe Asiyo-social scientist, community organiser, Cabinet Minister, former MP (Karachuonyo),

19. Peter Oloo- Aringo- Politician, Academia; Community organiser; Member of Parliament 1974; 1979;1983;1988

20.Otieno Makonyango- Technocrat, Journalist, Politician, Community organiser; Member of Parliament 1992.

21. Arthur Weya- Corporate Executive, Politician, Community organiser; Member of Parliament 1992.

22. Hon. John Olago Aluoch (kogelo)- Lawyer, Businessman and Politician; second term member of Parliament.

23. Edwin Yinda- Business Entrepreneur, Politician; Member of Parliament 2007.

24.Geroge Washington Muluan Omondi- Politician, Community organiser; Member of Parliament 2013.

25.Samuel Atandi- Politician, Community organiser; Member of Parliament 1992.

26. Chris Karan (Kalkada) - Politician, Community organiser; Ugenya Member of Parliament .

27.Phares Oluoch Kanindo- Entrepreneur, Entertainment Industry, Music Promoter; Politician, Community organiser; Homa Bay (Rongo) Member of Parliament 1979-1988. Served as an Assistant Minister in Education; Kanindo single handed promoted Benga music to the rest of Africa, therefore opening doors for local musicians as well as continental musicians like Congolese Mbilia Bel Mboyo, Cameroonian Sam Fan Thomas

28.Dr Nyamodi- Technocrat

29. Professor Thomas Odhiambo- Scientist, World renowned Researcher; ICIPE, Entomologist.

30.Dr Barack Obama (Kogelo)- Economist, Technocrat; Chief Planner with Government of Kenya. Author of sessional paper no 10, conceptualiser of Trans Africa Highway. Father of Us President and commander in Chief Barack Obama

31.Justice Rose Ougo- Judiciary; Judge of the High Court of Kenya

32. Gladys Ogola- Ndeda- Solicitor.

33.Judith Adhiambo- Career modelling artist; Miss Kenya 1973 (Miss Kenya 10 great years).

34. David Oketch educationist, Aga Khan High School

35.Peter Okola- Law enforcement; Commissioner of Police

36. Otieno Osur- Law Enforcement. Assistant Commissioner of Police

37.Charles Owino- Law Enforcement; Kenya Police Spokesman.

38. Julius Abiero Olambo Entrepreneur- Managing Director, Riley Security Ltd. Provided jobs for many unemployed youths from Algenya.

39. Beniah Apollo Ohanga- Politician; The first African Minister before Independence.

40.Pius Owiti – Aviator; Career pilot.

41.Professor Elisha Atieno-Adhiambo- Academia, Author- One of the greatest Historians to come out of Africa.

42.Dr Auma Obama (Kogelo)- INGO Technocrat.

43.Hon Prof Jackline Oduol-.

44.Dr Shadrack Obara, Physician, Diaspora

45. Sam Ochieng- INGO Expert; Chief executive of SACOMA UK based INGO with operations solely on the Lakeside region.

46.Ambrose Adeya Adongo-, Educationist, Trade Unionist; Long servicing Secretary of the all-powerful Kenya National Union of Teachers

47.Joe Mjema (Kanyinek) -Businessman, Philanthropist; The original and truly authentic tenderpreneur until his meteoric rise and rise from briefcase business into opulence. And whatever Joe Mjema stumbled on, everybody it seems to also have stumbled on it, whether you were poor or rich; enemy or friend; a somebody or a nobody. "When Joe Mijema made it, we all made it" is how his faithfuls described him and they still worship his memory.

A personal testimony on Joe Mjema. Long before he became rich Mjema was just a supplier chasing small stationery supplies like printing letter heads and visiting cards. It was the early years when Nairobi city was under the thumbs of Murang'a Take Over. Even Kiambu and Nyeri Kikuyus could not cough. Waiting to cross the road to go to college I watched a timid young man face the misfortune of his jacket getting stuck on the maize roasting wire gauze carriage of a street vendor and some the Maize cobs scattered all over the Nairobi pavement. And spontaneously the gang of maize roasters descended on this lake side boy threatening him to pay for all the maize at an exorbitant price. The poor soul was just rushing for an interview and in any case not all the maize was on the pavement. But no, all the Murang'a idlers rose up from no where and demanded that the poor soul part with compensation. Enter Mujema.

Mujema simply asked, Munataka alipe hii maindi yote? Kijana wewe nenda zako nita maliza hii." Then he turned to the gang and said, "Make me pay". To make a long story short. By daring the bullies Mjema saved a soul that was not his acquaintance. And he faced the hoodlums and did not part with a cent. Besides those days he was just an ordinary hustler trying to make ends meet. I still wish it was me who saved a desperate soul in their hour of need. That impact Mjema had on me is more than any money he could have given me. Its only much later when he struck wealth that I got to match the name and face. Just too bad I missed the chance to tell him about his goodness even when he did not have money. That is the Joe Mujema, I remember

48.GMT Ottieno –FIFA International Referee, sports administrator

49.Ambrose Michael Ofafa- Public Services Administrator during Colonial Government; Ofafa was a civic administrator up to the time of his assassination by Mau Mau insurgents. He is known for having hosted Jomo Kenyatta deep in Luoland where they bathed openly in flowing river rapids. Multi talented and suave political operator Ofafa was national treasurer of Kanu's precursor, Kenya African Union (KAU) which was formed after Jomo Kenyatta returned from Britain. It is Ofafa who introduced Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and Richard Achieng' Oneko to Jomo Kenyatta.

50.Robert Otieno III (Nyajuok), -Global Markets expert, Corporate banker; Diasporan based In California; Globesolute, VC- Citibank, Turner Whittman , Ecobank Spire bank, Etsheggo bank

51.Osanya Nnyyineque-Technocrat, Philanthropist; Deputy Secretary General Organisation of African Unity (OAU, now AU) by then only second to UN in size and at same global authority to UN. He shuttled to Panfricanists like Julius Nyerere, Leopold Senghor, Agostino Neto, Samora Machel. He coordinated burning issues like ANC, Frelimo.

52.Patrick Omwanda Amoth EBS- INGO technocrat; President WHO Executive Board and Acting Director General-MoH. He is son of Paramount Chief Amoth Owira and brother to Siaya County governor Cornell Rasanga Amoth.

53.Rayola Gor Osanya Nyynneque (Nyinek) -Academia, INGO Technocrat; Influential Diaspora; Based in New York USA, UNFPA, HOPE world wide, ICC Minister Adjunct professor, .

54.Beneah T Ogolla- (Nyajuok) US based Industrialist; Inventor of Combination water pump/Air compressor system in 2003.

55. Dr Walter S Odhiambo- MULTI-National and INGO Technocrat, Philanthropist; National Director of the worlds largest Children's care organisation(SOS), A former director of a Global health INGO (Marie Stops), a former merchandise director of Africa region of an undisputed no 1 beverages chain (Coke)

56.Iddi Achieng' HSC (Nyajuok)- Actress, philanthropist, musician, entertainer; Head of State Commendation for excellence in music and performing arts, State Gender ambassador, Trustee ship and patronage to several girls only schools.

57.Mrs Rosemary Owino- Philanthropist, Community Organiser and King maker; Influential grassroots manager in Ugenya; wife of Envoy Dan Owino.

58.Peter Otieno Bassanga- Football star; International Football; Winner of the East and Central Challenge cup with Harambee stars 1981-1983; Winner of the National league with Gor Mahia 1983 with Gor Mahia FC

59.Alex Mwalo (Kalkada)- Football star: Chief of Luo defence, very uncompromising hard man and enforcer

60.Odhiambo Gor- Football star; International Football; Winner of the East and Central Challenge cup with Luo Union 1976/77; Winner of the National league with Luo Union 1975

61.Otin Sospeter- Football star; International Football; Winner of the East and Central Challenge cup with Luo Union 1976/77; Winner of the National league with Luo Union 1975

62.Ombul- Correctional; Prison officer based at present day Siaya. He gave the present day Siaya town her original name.

63.Beatrice Schnelli-Okello (Kogelo-Kanyakwar)-Diaspora based Philanthropist; community organiser; Africa wide Charity Fashion gala, Peace resolution gala.

64. Anne Odore – Netball star, member of parliament Nyando (1988-1992); sister to Footballing ace, Nicodemus Arudhi

65. Alex Omwomo- Pugilist; represented Kenya in Commonwealth and Olympics heavy weight division.

66.John Ndalo- Football star- lethal and prolific goal getter of Luo Union FC, Winner of Kenya Challenge Cup 1976 (“2- goal John Ndalo” screams sports headline)

67. Edwin sport Achoch- Community organiser, Philanthropist; Organiser of youth football

68. Oyugi Mwanda (telo orano)- Businessman; Quantity surveyor, philanthropist; Vice chairman, Luo Union 1978-1981

69. James Omondi Demosh- Pugilist, Represented Kenya at various lever, spurred with US heavy weight to help them overcome the Russian dreaded hit man at the 1984 Olympics

70. Sila Gwada- Musician, composer entertainer; Band member of the Ashantis and brother of Jey Gwada and football ace Nicodemus Arudhi

71. Joseph Gwada- Musician, composer entertainer; Band member of the Ashantis and brother of Sila Gwada and football ace Nicodemus Arudhi

72. Mak Adem - Musician, composer entertainer; Benga (best known for fusing Mount Kenya version of Benga)

73. Onyango Jakadenge- Musician, composer entertainer; Ohangla music genre (known for hit single Jakambare Tabia Mbaya and NyaJimo)

74. Albert Muchura- Politician; perennially unsuccessful contestant for Alego parliamentary representation

75. Musa Juma- Musician, composer entertainer; Benga artist

76. Omondi Tony- Musician, composer entertainer; Benga artist

77. Igwe Orezda Bandasson- Musician, composer entertainer; International Texas based Benga artist

78. Drummer Atoti- Musician, composer and performing artist; Ohangla drummer extraordinaire who departed this world at a poetic age from a mysterious attack from a wandering swarm of bees which then disappeared.

79.Engineer Ben Adeya; Businessman, Technocrat.

80.Lynet Aluoch Pamba (Karapul) -Popular Musician, composer entertainer; Benga artist.

81. Orwenjo Umidha- Civic politician and community organiser.

82. Reverend Odima- Prelate and televangelist; Diaspora Evangelist of church based in London, UK.

83. Catherine Oyugi- Technocrat, Community organiser, social scientist.

84. Eric Ochanda- Educationist, Philanthropist

85. Tawo Kogot- Elder before the white man arrived

86. Ogwang' lelo Kokoth- Musician, composer, entertainer, performer; Traditional Nyatiti

87. Pius Anthony Lenya Ogutu (PALO)- Corporate Banker

88. Francis Mudany Oyomo- International Football star; Football star; International Football; Winner of the East and Central Challenge cup with Gor Mahia FC 1980; Winner of the National league with Gor Mahia 1976, 1979

89. John Mungu (Kanyinek) -Academia, Philanthropist, Diaspora Community organiser; London based educationist

90. Obare Awuora- Educationist; Headmaster (Kisumu Boys)

91. Peter Buoga-INGO Technocrat, Philanthropist; Administrator

92. Mary Ngesa Omondi -supermodel turned educationist

93. Justice Fred Ochieng-lawyer; Judge of the High Court of Kenya

94. Terry Chocolat Nyang’iya- German based civic politician and Diaspora community organiser; voted a top most influential diasporan.

95. Nyaki Adewa- ICT; information scientist, philanthropist

96. Professor A.V. Otieno- Academia; Dean of Engineering UoN

97. Jael Amara- Corporate Executive, philanthropist