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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

8. Assimilated Clans. Anecdote

  1. The traditional Luo military strategy was assimilation of other tribes and thereby expanding their might. It was a far superior assimilation policy than the French policy. Also as a frontier, a battle field and a frontline Ugenya came into contact with other communities much more than the back yard regions far removed from harm’s way or shielded as they were not martial enough. Various Bantus and other wandering Luo clans were assimilated into Ugenya either through marriage or just coexistence. There is nothing new in this because westwards in Uganda, the Bankole, Baganda, Bunyore and Toro were all assimilated in to Luo dynasties. The assimilated Ugenya clans are : 1. Jo Jok: related directly to joka Chwanya ma milambo. 2. Jo Jokaramogi 3. Then there are other clans who are Luos or Bantu fleeing from their own spot of bother and were harbored as wasumbni or as war front comrades. Some of these clans include josiranga, jokamrembo, jokanywa, jokasideg, joka nyalaro jokanyaudo, and others. 4. Other clans from surrounding communities joined them, including jokaRadolo, joUulwa, Uwesia, kaMng’are, Umatiro, JoMagoya (from Konyango orende in Kano), joMasawa, among others.


The settlement is varied and spread out but are mostly on the frontiers and front-lines on all sides of Ugenya land away from the battle field  of raiding enemies. However their hunting ground used to be Uganda before Idi Amin misrule. It is a belief that If dictator Amin had not interrupted, the assimilated clans would have supplanted the Uganda Asians. Their business acumen is unparalleled in Luoland. And this is typical of all people living in a frontier. They have always towered above other Ugenya clans in informal sector  Political Influence.

As alternate candidate between Kager, Boro and Puny they have played their cards very well. Jo Kapuny would gladly settle for an assimilated clan as much as a Kikuyu will gladly settle for a Kalenjin. This has landed them the political top seat held by 3-time MP and 2-time Cabinet Minister Archbishop Ondiek Oluoch (Ja Kanyalaro). And before that they had former mp Odero Sar. In fact Kapuny would gladly vote in a neighboring Alego  than a direct competitor of Boro, Kager or Deje. This is how former MP, Karan, from Alego- Kalkada rose to power.

Who is Who? Ex Cabinet Minister Arch Bishop Stephen Ondiek Oluoch; Member of Parliament David Ochieng’; Surveyor Omondi Opuodho; ACOSCA supremo Onyango Arende; Transport business mogul, Raphael Akenya Ratego; Former Envoy and Provincial Commissioner Daniel Owino; Surveyor Omondi Opuodho; Income Tax Commissioner Edward Odundo. __________________________________________________________________ UGENYA: QUOTABLE QUOTES, SAYINGS OF THE WISE 1. Nyaroya ohingo odher; ( young priesthood is like square pegs in round holes)-traditional. 2. Ng’at ma musumba bende idewo wach ne; (a wife’s promiscuity/infidelity does not invalidate a marriage) - traditional.

3. Dhako ok har kech; (A husband is judged by how much he can bring to the table).-Hon Mathews Joseph Ogutu. 4. A revolution eats her own children -Hon James Orengo 5. Ubiro rito ni Yesu duogo, to Yesu ok noduog; (Faith is for something we have no evidence of.) -Hon ArchBishop Ondiek. 6. Nam kara onego jakwang; (nobody is infallible to a sucker punch) - traditional 7. Jaber okuodho e onget; (catch 22) - Anonymous 8. Mano law yuach; mar woth okan I ot:(a play thing is a play thing; not a wife)- traditional 9. Dug meru kata ineno to ok diwach ni ng'ato; (Fifth Amendment).-traditional. 10. Ka irango gik ma gweno chamo to ok di cham gweno; (A woman's past or wife's privacy is a no-go area).-traditional


UGENYA V: COMPENDIUM OF Kanyada and Jo'Uholo


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