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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

6. Ka-Nyada

Fond Name: Kanyada.

Trending Name: Canyadians


The younger generation call themselves Canyadians out of synonym with Canadian. Coincidentally Kanayada shares a lot of similarities with Canada. For one there is too much water around Canada and Kanyada. And it is not only water, they have bays too in plenty. Both have some temperamental mountains around them and below the earth activity like live geysers. Both form part of the breeding ground for fish due to irregular coastline that  create oxygen rich turbulence. And in both Kanyada and Canada demographic settlement is made up of two rival clans who sought refuge far away from home, English and French (read Alego and Ugenya). Like their North American mirror Kanyada are unassuming and extremely cooperative and efficient.

Jo kanyada crossed Nam Lolwe together with Alego Kakan in the after math of Alego palace coup in which Kager was adversely implicated or massively flattered depending on which side you listen to. When Boro and the rest moved away from the flare up towards Ugenya to the west, they, Nyada chose to put distance of land and water between them and the endless vendetta and retribution wars of warring Alego and Ugenya kaGer.

Sub cans

· Ka Anyango

· Ka Othidha

· Ka Kakan*


They are not settled in Ugenya and are not really Ugenya diaspora in South Nyanza in a similar pattern as Kager are in other parts of western Kenya. But figuratively their settlement in home away from home is similar to White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) in North America. They settled around Homa Bay and are not looking back without particularly loathing their original people. It is just a peaceful unequal meiosis that only shows up in the physical attributes of kaNyada people as Jo Ugenya not forgetting the long studious neck line of their yester-year ladies.

Whats more, just like their North American mirror, Nyada do inter marry between themselves. This is because originally it was unrelated Ugenya Nyada and Alego Kakan joint trekk out of common cause. They are the only Ugenya clan that were allowed to intermarry. That  other one is notoriously bending the rules incest by sheer tyranny of numbers.

Who is Who?

Legislator Hon Peter Kaluma, Business Tycoon, Former MP Ray Ndong’; Former Director Kenya Railways, Nyauke Nyaundi; London based politician Washington Ogaga; Ceelebrity TV personality Bernard Ndong’; London Songstress Apelles Ogaga; Super model Nesbian Akinyi.


7. Jo Uholo

Fond name: Wadama and Adhola


Strictly speaking Jo Uholo are not Jo Ugenya. They do not belong to any of the Luo groups in Kenya and Tanzania. In order of birth they rank higher than  all these groups in Kenya and Tanzania and if the mantle of ruler ship were to be passed, then it should go to this brother of Ramogi, Jo Uholo. In genealogy when Ramogi crossed into Kenya a proverbial sibling was wounded (adhola) and had to remain behind. A male sibling remained behind to tend to the wound. In matters of genealogy like Eve at the garden it blasphemous to dig too much as to the nature of the wound story (Dug meru kata ineno to ok diwach ni ng’ato/ secrets that you keep away from yourself). Some of the Adhola as they are now known showed up and were leased the area now called Uholo. In physical appearance and in names like Othieno, Adikiny, the Padhola left behind reminds one of Ugenya and Gem people.

Sub clans:

· jouwiny,

· joka saga,

· joka nyambir,

· gi jouwangwe.

Area of Settlement:

As they crossed the border at Malaba from Tororo to follow their kin, they were received at the area around Orego and leased the land to settle in Uholo (lease).

Political Influence.

Jo Uholo was a thorn in the flesh in Ugenya Constituency. They were a solid voting bloc. In US presidential voting they are what you would term a swing state, weather bell and battle ground all rolled into one. Generally, it used to be “get Uholo location and you clinch the whole  Ugenya Constituency”. In return they used to demand recognition. And rightly so because in seniority Ugenya is beneath them. Ugenya on the hand was unyielding that your sister’s child is not your clan member, “Go look for your Daddy”.

Here is where Mathews Ogutu was shrewd. First in his posters he appealed for ‘Jo Ugenya and Uholo’ voters thus putting them at par. Then he used the ace up his sleeve. When campaigning in Uholo he claimed solidarity with Uholo that he is also maligned, by letting the allegations that his father Julius is of Kager clan and therefore feels outcast in his kaPuny purists-A master stroke.

Who is Who?

Dr P S Achola; Dr Ohanga, Anthony Sijeny; Antony Onyango Walubera; Luo Union Football Star and International Coach Bob Oyugi; Celebrity Music star Emma Jalamo; Professor Washington Odhiambo; Councilor Oriare; Chief Opondo Ragama; Dr Charles Opondo Ragama; Dr Bernard Ogutu; Dr Protus Okech Were: Former Councilor Onyango Lopez; International Hockey Star Tobias Oduor; Senior Lecturer Mpesa Foundation, John C Opondo; International NGO director, and Global Food Innovator Peres Ochieng’





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