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Steve Osieyo: 2.4 Million BC - 2020 AD

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

1. Steve Ombanyo wod Osieyo (dob 1958)

2. Samuel Osieyo wuod Othieno (dob 1906)

3. Othieno wuod Omuga

4. Omuga wuod Osieyo

5. Osieyo wuod Ogola 2

6. Ogola 2 wuod Duk "Abuoro"

7. Duk "Abuoro" wuod Ogola (1)

8. Ogola (1) wuod Duk

9. Duk wuod Othieno

10. Othieno wuod Umira

11. Umira wuod Ochieng' Odhuno (Oching aka Odhuno alias GER)

12. Ger wuod Ugenya

No Intermarriage above

13. UGENYA wuod Ochielo (1564)

14. OCHIELO wuod Ramogi Ajwang' (1531)

15. RAMOGI Ajwang' wuod Ramogi II (1500)

16. RAMOGI II wuod Podho II (1469)

17. PODHO II wuod Ramogi I (1450)

18. RAMOGI I wuod Jok II (1419)

19. JOK II wuod Nayo (1390)

20. NAYO wuod Jok 1 (1361)

21. JOK I wuod Twaifo (1332)

22. TWAIFO wuod Owat (1303)

23. OWAT wuod Ringruok (1274)

24. RINGRUOK wuod ....(1245)

25. Literature destroyed during slave trade skirmishes

26. Literature destroyed during slave trade skirmishes

27. Literature destroyed during slave trade skirmishes

28. OPIYO PODHO KOMA wuod siri-Kuru (birth certificates missing)

29. SIRI-KURU alias Kuru Lubanga aka Kuru the rock aka Kuru the great. (birth certificate missing. c 1070??)


Classical Civilisation

2.4 Million BC: Australopithecus africanus lives in Eastern Africa

2. Million BC: Homo habilis lives off lake Turkana

1.6 Million BC: Homo Erectus roams East Africa

300,000 BC: Homo Sapiens inhabits shores of lake Baringo

5,000 BC: Human hunters and gatherers roam East Africa

500-0 BC: wandering Bantus from hinterland arrive with primitive metal tools.

Early History

c1400 AD: The Luo march from Sudan into Uganda begins

c1450 AD: Luo set up a mechanised military camp in Pubungu in readiness for southwards offensive.

c1480 AD: Podho II commences offensive incursions into Kenya

c1500 AD: The Trio of Olum brothers Labong'o, Gipiir and Tifool in deep incursion into Uganda engaging the rulership for wealth and women; and subjugating the defeated into new dynasty system of governance. One brother goes southwards engaging smaller rulership and setting dynasties (don't repeat near Museveni) en route to Nestle in Namibia (Himba). Labong'o is the one that thwacked the Bachwezi kingdom and could therefore have drifted further south. The other two brothers over indulge in more exciting Viking like stuff westwards in the Congo.

c1530 AD: Grand entrance of Ramogi Ajwang' into Kenya easily overpowering the diminutive inhabitants with their Luo girth taking their cattle and women to reinforce their military might

c1590 AD: Jok' Owiny entourage arrive Kenya frogmarching all and sundry dominating and rustling cattle and taking women to swell their own bulging number

c1600 AD: Buoyed by this triumph the Luo diaspora set up a home from home at Gang'.

c1700 AD: Another offensive opens a military commando outpost at Thim-Lich Ohinga

c1760-1820 AD: Jok' Omolo garrison arrives in Kenya scuttling little remnants of resistance hence creating clan stampede with lesser women and subjects to scram for.

c1938 AD: Anti Slavery prelate Alphayo Odongo Mango of Umira Kager and his firebrand assistant Lawi Obonyo are martyred by the notorious slave traders of Mumia of Wanga (rot in hell). My elder sister Mrs Margret Adhiambo Onyango is born and named Mango to mark the date of the fallen liberator. Her remains are in Sakwa Gobei, her matrimonial home. Remember this "Sometimes Notoriety is Mistaken for Fame" like in the Mumia case.

1961 AD: Milton Obote is elected prime minister of Uganda.

1963 AD: Field Marshall John OKELLO overthrows the racist occupier sultanate of Zanzibar.

2008 AD: Raila Amolo Odinga is joint leader of Kenya as prime minister.

2008 AD: A descendant of the second wave of the exodus in Kenya that arrived in 1590, Jok Owiny is elected President of the United States of America. President Barrack Obama is a direct result of Luo military expansionist strategy of raiding and marrying different women along the path of a mission.

Legally as confirmed by the Supreme Court of TZ, there was a Jok Omolo descendant President for 2 hours but this is left to history.


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