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Updated: Mar 24, 2022


H. Z. E. Ramogo.

The most psychedelic high profile Luo man ever. He was a Luo and he was not a Luo when dishing his good naturedness. Legend has it that one time a District Officer observed a government agricultural extension worker addressing the H.Z.E. Ramogo at ease with his hands akimbo. The youthful DO asked the driver, “Is that not the great Ramogo being addressed in a casual manner by the extension worker?”

The driver confirmed that indeed it is the former head of the most profitably run government parastatal in Kenya. The young Mount Kenya D.O. ordered the driver to take him back. Upon which he gave the local chief a dressing down for being disrespectful to the real founders of the nation. Here was a young DO all the way from Agikuyu-land who had never met H.Z.E. Ramogo and probably only heard of him by name but all the same in awe of his legend. But that is not all. You walk into the offices of the Red Cross in Nairobi and the supremo sings his praises as the person who gave him the big break into a job as untrained staff 40 decades ago. You meet a relief NGO driver in Ngara refugee camp Tanzania, and man is singing his praises. And elderly man in Lumbwa Kipkelion will show you his grandfather’s passbook that was signed by H.Z.E. Ramogo as the Post Master General. A Ugandan exile in London narrates how the telegraph message facilitated by H.Z.E. Ramogo enabled him to repatriate his siblings from the refugee camps in Kenya. Who knows even Priti Patel the Britsh Home secretary may just have a story to tell about H.Z.E. Ramogo like the many ex Ugandan Asians who were fleeing after dictator Idi Amin’s expulsion. And that is not all he was a charitable man as well. History records have him as the first chairman of Gor Mahia Football Club, Mowlem Football Club. And he believed in skills improvement as well as the post office training school in Mbagathi was advanced in his time. He was the founding leaders of Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology (RIAT).

But it is not all self-less service in Nyakach. We also have great pioneers and philosophers. We have people who have perfected their skills and training to the limit. And we have fun-a-while-American style just as we have fun-loving slobs in the plateau.

Here is snippet of Nyakach Who-Is-Who.

1.Chief Owuor Kere-(ka'Diang'a)- Public Administrator, Public Services Manager, Community Organiser, Military strategist, Statesman, Paramount Chief

2.H. Z. E. Ramogo-(Korimba)- Technocrat, former CEO, Cables and Wireless, former CEO, Extelecoms (EA), appointee ambassador (Mozambique), Chairman, Gor Mahia Football club

3.Ojwang’ Kombudo – former MP (Nyakach)

4. Phoebe Asiyo- social scientist, community organiser, Cabinet Minister, former MP (Karachuonyo), LOST TO ALEGO AGORO

5. Ondiek Chilo- politician, former MP, detainee

6. Hezekiah Ochuka- career Military service, Ex KAF, head of 1982 2hour coup

7.Geoge King Omolo- Educationist, Community Organiser

8.Trixe Awuor-Wanga-Technocrat, Entrepreneur (Yolanda Tavares Public Relations)

9. Jackton Boma Ojwang'-Kenya Supreme Court Judge

10. Fredrick Collins Omondi Oyoo- Ex KAF, Sandhust trained airman, Masterminder 1971 aborted Coup

11.Susan Owiyo (Sae)- Business woman, singer, composer, entertainer

12.Timothy Ayieko- Businessman, Former Football star, Uganda Cranes, Uganda KCC, Gor Mahia FC, 2-time East and Central Gold medal winner, 2 time Natinal League winner

13. Eric Obura- Former Luo Union FC Star, Former Football star, Gor Mahia FC, East and Central Gold medal winner, Kenya National League winner

14. Dennis Ollando “Lolwe”- Academician, Former football player, Kisumu Hotstars, Gor Mahia FC, 3-time Winner of Kenya National league

15. Peter Odera Sharpshooter- Business man, Football star, Kenya Breweries Ltd, 2- time Winner Kenya National Football league

16. Michael Owuor- Businessman, Solicitor, Advocate of the High Court,


17. Stanley Oburru Otema Ramogo (Korimba)- Business man, Solicitor, Advocate of the High Court, Consultant ( LegalTrak Consultants)

18. Caroline Ojenge Ogot- INGO Technocrat, Philanthropist, Public Services manager; Women rights advocate, campaigner and lobbyist; marriage and family life counsellor; poet and writer; Kisumu County Assembly

19.Dr Mathews Owili- Business man, Civic governance, Deputy Governor, Kisumu County

20. Madanje Perimeter- Businessman, Musician, Singer, entertainer

21. Wuod Fibi- Business Man-Events Management, Music Promoter, singer, composer, entertainer, community organiser

22. Ndalo Obede- Technocrat, Managing Director National Bank of Kenya

23.Major General Opande- Military service, Kenya Armed Forces

24.Ochieng Daima, -Business man

25.Owuor Aduma, (Ka'Diang'a)-Businessman, Lawyer, Advocate of the High Court

26.Johansen Oduor, - Medic, Chief Gorvenment Pathologist

27. John Apidi- Media personality- Sports anchor KBC

28. Samuel Otieno Obudo, Technocrat- Chief Account, Civil service

29. Oguyo Oguyo Jakamolo- Media personality- Radio presenter Ramogi Radio

30. Agawo Patrobas- veteran radio personality- Voice of Kenya General service, KBC general service, Ramogi Radio

31. Ruth Nyajimo- Radio personality, Ramogi Radio presentor.

32. Ogara Taifa- Radio presenter, Ramogi Radio

33. Dr Oriare Nyarwath- Academia, Senior Lecturer, University of Nairobi, department of Philosophy and Religious studies

34. Engineer Rob Kidera- Businessman- Sabora Construction

35. Professor H. W. O. Okoth Ogendo- (K'oguta)-Academician, Law Professor, University of Nairobi.

36. Asenath Bole Odaga- playwright, author and publisher of Luo novels (Sigendni mag Luo)

37. Martha Nyagaya- INGO Technocrat, Country Director, Nutrition International

38. Walter Nyandiko- Technocrat, Finance Expert, AFC Kenya

39. Dennis Akumu-(K'Oguta) General Secretary- Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU), former MP (Nyakach)

40.Awino Jeckoniah- Businessman- Proprietor Winam Chemists, Kisumu

41. Hon Peter Ochieng Odoyo- Economist, Businessman, Former MP (Nyakach)

42. Trevor Ombija - Media Citizen TV

43. Professor Toma Ojienda, Lawyer Chair, Law Society of Kenya

44.Ochola Ogoda, Quantity Surveyor, Businessman, Former Chairman Gor Mahia FC

45. Dr Eve Obara -author and publisher; politician , MP (Kasipul Kabondo)

46. Col. Mbewa- Head of Court Martial of Kenya Armed Forces

47.Ustadh Wallah bin Wallah- (Ka'Diang'a) academia, linguist, author publisher (Kiswahili)

48. Bishop Zacheous Okoth Awuor, (Ka'Diang'a)- Bishop of Kisumu, Arch Bishop of the Catholic Church

49. Omolo Kobumba (Ka'Diang'a) -Businessman, Musician, composer, singer entertainer

50. Orwa Jasolo (Jimo)- Businessman, Musician, composer, singer entertainer

51.Jim Likembe (Ka'Diang'a)- Businessman, Musician, composer, singer entertainer

52.Dr Shem Arungu Olende- Research scientist with NASA

53. Dr Japh Olende- Corporate supremo, Ex CEO AIG

54. John Okello Zangi- Former Gor Mahia ace midfielder, Africa Cup winners cup Gold medal winner, East and Central Africa Gold medal winner, 2-time Kenya National champion

55. Charles Ondiek- Business, Former athlete, Kenyan National sprint champion

56. Dr Opiyo Muma- Art Director, Scholar of performing arts

57.Prof Albert Mumma- Senior Counsel. law professor

58.Jerome Ochieng- Principal Secretary- ICT guru, Principal secretary Min of Information and ICT, Former Director IFMIS

59.Anthony Ndolo- Football ace; Gor Mahia FC, winner of Continental Gold medal, 2-time winner Kenya National League

60.Hellen Akoth Mutwali- Choreography, Music, Teacher and Director

61. Captain Tom Osimbo- Pilot Business man, proprietor of Twin Star Aviation

62.Bernard Awa- Military service, Major General

63.Bishop Osenya,- African Inland Church

64.Engineer John Nyandiko,-Civil Engineer

65.Engineer Vitalis Anam Ong'ong'o- Public Services Manager, Managing Director, Kenya Railways.

66. Dr Egon Opiyo Muma- Medic- Businessman

67.Gershon Misumi(Kadiang'a)- Hotelier, Managing Director, Tamarind Group of Hotels

68. Cleophas Ondiek Chilo- Politician, Business man , First Senator.

69. Major- General Elijah Korango (Kabudha) - Educationist

70.Polycarp Ocholla Kamili- Business man

71.Engineer Vincent K'Odera- Business man, Philanthropist

72.Architect Odhiambo Gome- Business man, Philanthropist

73.Hon Samson Odoyo- Businessman, Politician, Philanthropist; Member of Parliament (Nyakach)

74. Amos Fred Bedie Ollando (second from right)- 100 yards Sprint King; African Champion and record breaker (9.6 seconds). 1964 Tokyo Olympics hopeful only a year after Independence.



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