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Updated: Jul 9, 2020

This anecdote is about two kinds of lifting the veil:

  • · Lifting the veil to expose a woman’s modesty

  • · Lifting the veil to expose malicious maladministration.

Most importantly it’s about a few good men who are prepared to slap your wrist when they catch you lifting a woman’s dress or to lift the veil of state violation.

A company is a legal person distinct from its members. The company has a corporate personality which is distinct from its members. In a number of circumstances, the Court will pierce the corporate veil or will ignore the corporate veil to reach the person behind the veil of the concerned company. In those circumstances the Court will rip through the corporate veil and expose its true character.

In some strange uncanny way I see a woman's "reputation" like that. Separate and inconspicuously clothed from the person of the woman until it becomes necessary for the society to lift the clothes.

There is a habit in social media of lifting a woman's skirt and compromising her reputation by exposing her sex acts or presumed relationships to attack that reputation. The reason why it thrives very well in social media is because it’s a rumor. And the power of a rumor is that you can only kill the rumor if it is confirmed as the truth. Otherwise it remains a rumor forever. It works but its terrorism in my eyes. The world has learnt to live with it by revising norms, laws and ethics to deal with it. It is still a menace.

The problem is that it is becoming trendy for women also try to imitate men by pulling down the man's trousers. To be fair to women, they not only do it to men but to fellow women as well. Any physical fight between women begins and ends with lifting each other’s under garments.

What these women need to know is that it does not give the same desired effect on men. It's like this mathematics of:

• 20 divided by Zero is infinity

• But infinity times zero cannot get you back to 20.

It’s the very reason why for over 1,200 years a Luo woman can leave husband  but husband  cannot divorce a Luo wife culturally. She will come back whenever and wherever she wants to. A simple reverse mathematics does not work in such a relationship.

In early 1970's at  Ukwala magistrate’s court a man and woman were being maliciously persecuted for indecent exposure in a public toilet. In reality the hosted administration community wanted to jail this man and at the same time lift this woman's skirt and expose her as a woman of loose morals that can engage in sex anywhere even in a stinking pit latrine/ public toilet (excuse me if you are having dinner). I will leave the green flies and maggots to your imagination. The intended violation of a local here is very clear. To damage the woman’s reputation so much that she is forced to flee the local station and relocate elsewhere just because she chose a local person over a hosted civil servant.

So when the Magistrate court casing came with hired paparazzi waiting to spread it in all papers the two accused hastily prepared to plead guilty to avoid further embarrassment in damage limitation.

The Magistrate was a, jakager from Kisumu-Busia road. I have told you about this headstrong clan. You just know them. They think differently in that area. Sometimes they just want to be different for fun.

Here is a magenga style reenactment of Court room drama.

After the charges were read

Magistrate: How do you plead?

Accused 1: Guilty

Accused 2: Guilty

Magistrate: What was the charge again?

Prosecutor: Chietha public toilet.....whatever according to Penal code nyoffa nyoffa 1111/99!

Magistrate: There is a public toilet along that road?

Prosecutor: Yes Yooooour ooona.

Magistrate: The offence took place inside road side public toilet.

Prosecutor: Your honour the toilet is there it's... It was built by Stirling Astaldi, the road construction company.

Magistrate: The road construction company built a toilet for public use?

Prosecutor: No your honour, they built it for their staff use.

Magistrate: So the toilet belongs to Sterling Astaldi the Italian construction company?

Prosecutor: yes your honor.

Magistrate: Is that public or private?

Prosecutor: private, your honour

Magistrate: But in the charge you read public?

(Deafening silence, whispers, more silence, shifting of papers)

Magistrate: Do you have any charges you prefer for the two accused.

(I reconstructed the court room drama for maximum brouhaha)

There are a few good men out there who can see through skirt lifting to expose a woman's chastity or violation of a community for no reason.


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