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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

1. Ma inego, to ok Imul (1969) (Don't pacify the one you have slain).

Sly dig at rival during the viewing of late Argwing’s Kodhek at Kaloleni Social Hall. _________________________________ 2. Rateng' we mrima. Thuon ok yuag ga. Nene akweri Ni wasigu en wasigu. (1969) (I warned you against them.)

During public viewing before burial Jaramogi invoked the spirits of late Tom Mboya to stem the tears still streaming from the eyes. _________________________________ 3. Wuod Agar, an ema iting'o na jamwa? (1966) (Omolo Agar, what is the triumphalism for?).

At Lemur Conference Centre where the powers of the VP was regionalised. _________________________________ 4. Wrestling a man whose hands are tied is evil in Luo land (1984).

On showing support for his tormentor in chief, Charles Njonjo support during the lunch break of Njonjo Judicial Inquiry _________________________________ 5. Cabinet Minister Omamo is my enemy no 1. I must fight Omamo first before I fight Moi (1988).

On why he is campaigning against Omamo in Bondo constituency by election against Ougo Weyo-Ber-Ne. _________________________________

6. But they have never supported me (1978).

On why he is supporting opponents of Eugenia’s Mathews Ogutu and Gem's Isaac Okero in 1979 parliamentary elections _________________________________ 7. Barabara nyeupe. Enda utafute kama kuna pesa ya bure, (1965).

On accusations that he was in bed with Communist China _________________________________ 8. Kenya is marwa, okew gi Odhiambo lok ni gi (1962).

Just like Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe in later days, losing his cool at Lancaster Independence talks on suggestion that Kenya should buy back the land from settler community _________________________________ 9. It's colonials who are setting you to fight each other. Let's build memorials to remember him (1955).

Calming youths On Ambrose Ofafa ja Alego Kalkada’s murder by Kikuyu maumau. _________________________________ 10. Hawa watu wako na njaa (1979).

Calling on Jomo Kenyatta on equitable distribution of fruits of Independence to all Kenyans. _________________________________ 11. You are asking me to wear trousers when one leg is in chains. (1960).

Rejecting the offer to lead Kenya with Jomo Kenyatta in jail. _________________________________ 12. It is unfair to look for Kenyatta successor when Moi has been deputy for 12 years (1978).

Shutting down succession talks during Jomo Kenyatta mourning. _________________________________ 13. MtombaJjiwe is in some intrigues with Kenya’s enemy, Libya.

Tipping President Moi that Kenya’s intelligence network is compromised. _________________________________ 14. I could not work with Jomo because he grabbed land but I can work with Moi (1991).

Revealing talks on cooperation with Moi to shush out his enemies within Kanu. _________________________________ 15. President Moi beat us because of our stupidity (1992).

Calling off Matiba and Kibaki bluff that the opposition reject multiparty elections results. _________________________________ 16. Kara tinde gilokore athongo. Guog athongo emakayo migogo (1980) (They have become rabid dogs).

Scolding Luo MPs who have refused to concede to lady candidates. _________________________________ 17. A bullock tests the horns at home in mock battles (1988).

In support of rioting University students on section 2A



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