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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Just another true story from Ugenya with Love

I met this former INGO expert at communal work place cafe. And one day when taking tea, he described a very interesting typical undocumented development challenges.

In this instance he had been posted to North Mara area which is populated by Luo TZ brethren.

One morning he decided to make himself a cup of tea. Since back in UK there was no such thing as Tea girls, he found it unusual that he should not disturb the tea girls especially so early in the morning.

So he entered the kitchen and in very very basic Swahili he decided to be friendly and try his fresh off the boat Swahili lesson. So he asked for the kettle

"Wapi bikira?"

The bevy of tea girls looked at each other for a moment puzzled. And then the Muzungu repeated himself pronouncing one syllable at a time, "Wa pi Bi ki ra?"

Then the tea girls just realised what he had asked and burst out laughing in what Luo call "huan". The liveliest lady still dying with laughter got up to assist and between a splash huan and a jot of "buaja" laughter told him, "Hapa hatuna bikira. Lakini kuna birika!"

The question is, what is "virgin" in dholuo?


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